Gündogan asked Ferran after the match about Pedri’s condition

Gündogan asked Ferran after the match about Pedri’s condition
Gündogan asked Ferran after the match about Pedri’s condition

Ilkay Gundogana 33-year-old midfielder for Germany and Barça, a team eliminated from the European Championship by Spain in the quarter-finals, must already begin to think about the holidays and the pre-season with Barça under the orders of his compatriot. Hansi FlickHe already did it in the mixed zone of the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Stuttgart minutes after the decisive 1-2 of Mikel Merino in the 119th minute of extra time. He was addressing the media of his country as captain of his national team, with the logical sadness, when he appeared Ferran Torres They hugged each other from behind and had a revealing and brief conversation in a Barça-style tone that was captured by the journalist Marc Gironès.

Ferran She touched him on the back with a face that seemed to want to comfort him, Gundogan He accepted the sporting gesture of his clubmate and, when the Valencian was already leaving, he stopped him to ask him a question: “How are you?” Pedri?”. Ferran He replied with an expression that is worth a thousand words and that meant that the Canary Islander is having a hard time due to this new physical setback. “Ugh, we’ll see tomorrow,” he replied. Ferran is the best friend of Pedri in the locker room and Ilkay He knew who to turn to to find out how he felt. The German made a face of disgust at the end of the conversation.

July 5, 2024 “>

Pedri He had to ask for a change in the 8th minute after receiving a very hard tackle from the now ex-Madrid player Toni Kroos. Initial examinations have detected a lateral internal sprain in his left knee, although tests are still pending to assess the degree of the injury and rule out associated injuries. According to medical sources consulted by Mundo Deportivo, he could be out for a month and a half. Ferran is his best friend in the locker room.

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