The director of Deadpool and Wolverine defines the film in the same way as the first installments of the MCU

Deadpool and Wolverine are about to shake up the MCU with a film that promises to be a turning point, its director Shawn Levy has compared this film to the first Marvel installments

Kevin Feige has hinted that while this film will have major implications for the MCU, the marketing campaign is more focused on the characters and their personalities than the plot or the future of the cinematic universe. This is part of Marvel’s strategy to keep the overall story under wraps.

Levy sticks out his chest for his film

According to Levy, “characters’ arguments are more important than the overall arguments of the MCU”highlighting that what makes Marvel movies good is putting story and characters before how they will set up the franchise for the future. This is one of the reasons why the Guardians of the Galaxy movies are so successful.

For example, in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Rocket Raccoon’s story was more relevant than anything else in the larger universe or multiverse, providing an intimate and emotional narrative. It’s refreshing to know that Deadpool and Wolverine will follow in this same vein.

A character-driven story

In Deadpool & Wolverine, our anti-hero Deadpool is dealing with the loss of his loved ones as his homeworld faces an existential threat. To save it, he teams up with Wolverine on a mission that promises to be as straightforward as it is thrilling. While the concept is simple, the execution is expected to be a wild ride full of surprises.

The focus on characters and their personal conflicts rather than the larger events of the MCU is a return to Marvel’s roots. Early MCU films, such as Iron Man and Captain America: The First Avenger, found success by focusing on developing their protagonists and their individual stories before building out the larger narrative of the universe.

Levy explained: “The characters’ stories are more important than the overall stories of the MCU.” This approach ensures that the audience connects emotionally with the protagonists, resulting in more memorable and satisfying films.

A return to the roots

The return to a more personal, character-driven approach may be a response to recent criticisms about the MCU’s increasing complexity and its reliance on setting up future films and series. As with Guardians of the Galaxy, where Rocket Raccoon’s narrative remained front and center, Deadpool and Wolverine will put the emphasis on their core characters.

Deadpool, known for his irreverent humor and ability to break the fourth wall, will bring a new dynamic to the Marvel Universe. His relationship with Wolverine, a character with a rich history and a strong character, promises to be an explosive combination. Fans are eager to see how this relationship develops and what kind of adventures they will face together.

A long-awaited date

The release date is set for July 26, and Marvel fans are already counting down the days. With a focus on character-driven storytelling and the promise of an exciting story, Deadpool and Wolverine has all the potential to become one of Marvel’s standout films.

Deadpool y Wolverine promises to be a film that returns to Marvel’s roots, where the characters and their personal stories are the most important thing. With a director who understands the importance of this approach and a dynamic duo at the center of the plot, this film has all the pieces to be a resounding success. Don’t miss it!

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