The Ministry of Health delivered 68 pairs of glasses in the commune of Delfín Gallo

The Ministry of Health delivered 68 pairs of glasses in the commune of Delfín Gallo
The Ministry of Health delivered 68 pairs of glasses in the commune of Delfín Gallo

Within the framework of the Pregnant Women and Children’s Route Program, the Provincial Health System, headed by Dr. Luis Medina Ruiz, delivered glasses to the residents of this town.

Elizabeth Tiburcio, member of the Provincial Program Commission for the Route for Pregnant Women and Children, commented that within the framework of Law 27,611, care is comprehensive for the community: “It is a job that is done in a coordinated manner with the Ministry and the population. On this occasion, ophthalmology services were provided and 68 pairs of glasses were delivered.”

The professional stressed that this Law allows them to reach the community and provide all the services, according to their needs, and this fulfills one of the guidelines of the public policy of the Ministry of Health. “This is what Governor Osvaldo Jaldo asks of us, getting closer to the community. Health is unique and transversal to the entire population,” she stressed.

Tiburcio also said that the trailer allows them to reach the entire province and bring health to all people. “This is the third year with the Ruta de la Pregnancia trailer and we reach remote communities. We have all the professionals and equipment to be able to provide good care, it is a comprehensive job,” he said, while emphasizing that people are very grateful for this service.

Meanwhile, the Delfín Gallo community delegate, Ramón Ambrosio Páez, was very excited because thanks to the coordination with health, work is being done to benefit the people. “This trailer for pregnant women came with an additional service, which is the delivery of glasses, so we received glasses and gave them to the beneficiaries. This is very positive because the community needs it. I want to thank the minister because he is always available to meet our needs,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Melanie Salvatierra, a patient in the trailer, said that she received the glasses today and that she has nothing left to be thankful for. “The way they did it was incredible. The day they came, the process was very fast, the doctors treated us very well. I have nothing but words of gratitude because my life has changed a lot. These glasses will help me study and not have so many headaches,” she concluded.

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