“They sent me to the fascosphere”

HThere are messages or words that can mark you for a lifetime. Maybe it’s not what you were looking for. Maria Hervasbut when she was at the height of her career, with ‘Machos alfa’ triumphing on Netflix and ‘El inmortal’ on Movistar Plus +, citizens began to point the finger at her for some statements about freedom now and in the past.

“Blessed 80s. And I was born in 87, but come on, from what he told me, at that time there was real freedom, where everyone thought their own thing and where you could debate in the streets. “It’s just that now you live with tension so that nothing gets confused…”, he said in an interview with Cadena SER that ended up costing him a great deal of criticism.

Maria Hervás, on those statements and what they have meant to her

Four months have passed since then, and since then, her name has gradually been fading away from current affairs. Now, the actress wants to put an end to all the arguments of those who criticised her: “I am now more radical in my left-wing thoughts. “I was sent to the fascist sphere for statements taken out of context, when I am the complete opposite.”

The actress now reveals that the attacks were incessant and that she does not remember those months with any particular joy: “What happened was super hard for me, I suffered a lot. It was the first time I received ‘hate’“And I don’t care about hate, they’ve messed with me before for being thin, but it’s harder when they attack something as ‘heavy’ as identity.”

Maria Hervas now advocates for calm and is aware that the people around her really love her. The actress has learned her lesson for fear of receiving more criticism: “I got scared and told myself that I wouldn’t talk so much or in such a free way.but two days later he was saying something else that was also misinterpreted.”

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