A man is arrested for his alleged connection with the murder of his partner in Antequera

Saturday, July 6, 2024, 12:08 PM

A woman has died in an allegedly violent manner in the early hours of Friday 5th to Saturday 6th July in a house in the Vega area of ​​Antequera. The alleged perpetrator of the death has been arrested and an investigation is being carried out to determine whether it is a case of gender violence.

Apparently, according to sources close to the investigation, the police found the lifeless body of the woman in the early hours of the morning. Her body has been transferred to Malaga for an autopsy to be carried out and her death to be clarified, with signs of violence in the area where the lifeless body was found.

National and local police arrested the woman’s partner for his alleged connection to her death. The two had allegedly argued and the suspect’s relatives, who lived near the scene of the incident, are also being investigated. The deceased woman was about 50 years old and was of South American origin.

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