The Ministry of the Countryside promotes local commerce through the itinerant “Mi Tianguis Colibrí” – ContraRéplica

In order to support the men and women of the Mexican countryside, “Mi Tianguis Colibrí,” organized by the Ministry of the Countryside, will visit the 125 municipalities of the State of Mexico, bringing basic, quality products to the people of the State of Mexico.

The traveling edition of “Mi Tianguis Colibrí” has visited the municipalities of Jilotepec, Tejupilco, Teotihuacán and Valle de Bravo, in addition to continuing at its traditional headquarters in Metepec, in the Sedagro Complex.

The traveling editions of “Mi Tianguis Colibrí” seek to promote local commerce, the consumption of agroecological products, as well as promote productive projects of women and community cooperatives and boost marketing.

Each edition will promote 20 rural producers, artisans, prepared foods and typical productive projects from each region; in each edition, municipal governments are invited to participate to join forces and promote exchanges between producers from each of the different regions.

Those interested in participating in “Mi Tianguis Colibrí” can contact the Rural Secretariat Delegation of each municipality.

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