Majority of Israelis criticize Netanyahu for prolonging war

A survey released by Channel 12 revealed that 54 percent of those interviewed said the military campaign was extended for political reasons, 34 for operational reasons, and 12 percent refused to answer.

Sixty-eight percent rated the government leader’s handling of the conflict as bad, and he is facing harsh criticism from broad sectors of society, while 28 percent gave him a good rating.

Netanyahu faces numerous accusations of prolonging the war to save his political future.

Sixty-eight percent of respondents said Israel was far from achieving complete victory as promised by the prime minister, 23 percent said it was close to victory, and nine percent did not answer.

A recent poll released by the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation revealed that 57 percent of Israelis believe that Netanyahu divides the country and causes internal discord.

The survey found that 54 percent believe the government abandoned Israeli prisoners held by Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip pending an exchange.

Another Channel 12 poll found that 66 percent of Israelis are in favor of the resignation of the Likud party leader, who heads the most right-wing government in the history of the Levantine nation.

According to the survey, only 27 percent want the politician to run in the next elections.


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