Rediscover the “Summer in Alicante” of the 20th Century with the Municipal Archive Exhibition

Rediscover the “Summer in Alicante” of the 20th Century with the Municipal Archive Exhibition
Rediscover the “Summer in Alicante” of the 20th Century with the Municipal Archive Exhibition

Alicante revives its summer past with a photographic exhibition at the Municipal Archive

The Municipal Archive of Alicante has opened a fascinating exhibition that allows visitors to rediscover how “Summer in Alicante” was lived during the 20th century. This exhibition, made up of a collection of photographs and postcards, is distributed both in the eight exterior windows of the building located on Calle Labradores and inside, offering a visual tour that reveals the evolution of tourism and the urban growth of Alicante.

Summer Archive: A Look Back

The exhibition presents an extensive visual archive that covers everything from the famous seaside resorts of El Postiguet beach at the beginning of the 20th century to the transformation experienced by the areas of San Juan and Albufereta in the 1960s and 1970s. This historical tour allows us to observe how the beaches and maritime environment of Alicante have changed over time, adapting to new tourist and urban demands.

Curiosities of the Archive

Among the curiosities on display is an edict issued by Mayor Miguel Pascual de Bonanza in 1847. This historic document established that anyone who was not decently dressed was prohibited from bathing, under penalty of a fine, reflecting the social norms of the time.

Iconic images of Alicante

The exhibition also includes images of Alicante’s seafront, with its iconic fishing boats in Raval Roig and views of the “Rompeolas” on the El Postiguet promenade. These photographs not only capture the essence of everyday life in Alicante, but also show the beauty and dynamism of its coastline over time.

Invitation to Alicante residents and visitors

The Councillor for Culture, Nayma Beldjilali, has extended an invitation to all Alicante residents and tourists to take a stroll through the old town and enjoy this interesting and striking exhibition in the Municipal Archive. According to Beldjilali, the exhibition is not only a window to the past, but also an opportunity to reflect on the evolution of Alicante and its cultural identity.

Duration of the Exhibition

The exhibition “Summer in Alicante” will be open to the public throughout the summer. In addition, in mid-August, the images of the interior will be exchanged with those of the exterior, thus offering a renewed experience and allowing visitors to discover new perspectives and details on each visit.

Featured Photographers

The photographs included in this exhibition were taken by renowned photographers such as Cantos, Francisco Sánchez and Eugenio Bañón. Their work documents not only the physical transformation of the city and its beaches, but also the customs and lifestyle of the people of Alicante throughout the 20th century.

Discover Alicante in the 20th century

This exhibition is an excellent opportunity to rediscover Alicante from a unique historical and visual perspective. By immersing themselves in these images of the past, visitors can appreciate the cultural richness and urban development of the city, as well as the influence of tourism on its evolution. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Municipal Archive and explore what “Summer in Alicante” was like decades ago.

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