Belén Esteban’s great disappointment after Spain’s match against Germany at the Euro Cup

TVE swept the broadcast of the match Spain vs Germany scoring 67.9% of the audience, rising to 71.8% in extra time. Everyone was closely following the match between the two teams, including several well-known faces. Especially Belén Esteban, who showed her euphoria at La Roja’s passage to the semi-finals of Euro 2024. However, the collaborator of ‘Ni que fuéramos Shhh’ also recognized that She was upset about one of the events that had occurred during the first half of the match.

Belén Esteban and Queen Letizia have met in Madrid.

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Everyone knows how passionate Belén Esteban is about her football team, Atlético de Madrid, and also about the Spanish national football team. And with La Roja’s match against Germany this Friday, June 5, it was not going to be any different. The television collaborator was delighted to follow the match in which the country was playing for its place in the semi-final of Euro 2024 and let everyone know what she felt during it. The Paracuellos native used her social media to tell how she was experiencing the tension of the moment“Come on Spain, we are with you. Long live my boys, what excitement, what pride“, he wrote. He also put his hands on his head after seeing Pedri leave the pitch after an injury.

“I’m so upset with my Pedri. He’s injured, but everything will be fine”wrote Belén Esteban in her Instagram stories. The television collaborator felt great sadness and reflected the collective feeling. Her comment after the player had to leave the match spread like wildfire through social networks and many applauded the player from Paracuellos. “Always representing”, “Once again, the voice of the people”, “She is perfect”, “She is the princess of the people for a reason”, “This person is iconic”, are just some of the comments that can be read.

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Belén Esteban expresses her displeasure over Pedri's injury

Belén Esteban expresses her displeasure over Pedri’s injury

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Belén Esteban has thus shown her solidarity with Pedri and it is no wonder because she had to experience something similar first hand. The Paracuellos native broke her tibia and fibula after a big fall on the set of ‘Sálvame’. The collaborator’s life took a 180-degree turn and she then admitted that she had needed psychological help to overcome it. The La Roja player had to leave the field after a nasty tackle by Kroos, from the German national team. According to the first medical report, The Barça player from the Canary Islands suffers an internal lateral sprain in his left knee.

As we said, the match between Spain and Germany has completely blown the country’s audiences out of the water. TVE was crowned as the most watched channel of the day and left the rest with no options. The public broadcaster also managed to lead effortlessly with the match between France and Portugal. He scored 45.6%while the extension was left at 43.6%. It will be next Tuesday, July 9, when La Roja will face Mbappé and the rest of the National Team.

The best professional and personal moment of Belén Esteban

Belen Esteban and Anabel Pantoja

Belen Esteban and Anabel Pantoja.

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Belén Esteban is going through one of the sweetest moments of her life. On a professional level, the collaborator is delighted to have returned to Spanish homes thanks to ‘Ni que fueramos Shhh’, the new ‘Sálvame’ from Canal Quickie. In addition to this, the Paracuellos native is still immersed in her food business and always boasts about her gazpachos whenever she can.

On a personal level, the truth is that the collaborator cannot complain. She is more in love than ever with her husband, Miguel Marcos, and is happy about the upcoming motherhood of Anabel Pantoja. Belén Esteban is drooling over her soul mate. Not long ago, the Paracuellos native boasted about a date she had with Isabel Pantoja’s niece in which she immortalized the moment in which she caressed her pregnant belly. “I couldn’t be happier with my chubby”she said. In addition, she also revealed that she had bought a crib for the future baby for when he has to stay overnight at her house. It will be on July 13 when the influencer and her partner, David Rodríguez, reveal the sex of the baby they are expecting. The little one will come into the world in the midst of a complex family schism, although the future mother hopes that it will bring them together completely. However, her cousin, Isa Pantoja, is not so sure.

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