“For the parties, justice works well depending on how the sentence comes to them”

“For the parties, justice works well depending on how the sentence comes to them”
“For the parties, justice works well depending on how the sentence comes to them”

“Generally, for political parties justice goes well and not badly depending on whether the sentence is a heads or tails decision“. It is the reflection that launches Inaki Lopez in Más Vale Tarde in response to the assessments of various politicians on the investigation against Begoña Gómez, who testified before the judge this Friday, who finally postponed his appearance for not having notified her of one of the complaints filed against her.

Las political reactions This judicial declaration and its postponement to July 19 followed one another throughout the day and, while the Government denounced the “helplessness“which, they say, Pedro Sánchez’s wife is suffering from, the PP took advantage of the opportunity to attack the President of the Government.

The head of Equality, Ana Redondodefended that “the president’s wife, like any other woman” has “the right to be able to develop our profession, always within the legal and constitutional framework”, while the spokesperson minister, Pilar Alegriastressed that Begoña Gómez came to testify when she was still “He doesn’t know what he is accused of“, Happiness.

“The logical thing is that this case would not have been initiated or would have been archived already and far from that what is happening is a farce that does little to help the Administration of Justice“, criticized the Minister of Transport, Oscar Puente.

In turn, the Minister of Justice himself, Felix Bolanosasserted that “the serious defenselessness that Begoña Gómez is suffering has become evident, she does not even know what she is accused of.” “The defenselessness that Begoña Gómez is suffering is so clear, it is so clear that there is nothing at all, that if this judicial process continues it will be logical for citizens to ask themselves why it is unnecessarily prolonged and what is intended“, he warned.

For his part, the parliamentary spokesman for the PP, Miguel Telladospoke of a “black day for our democracy” and accused Begoña Gómez and her defense of not “being willing to facilitate the action of justice.” “The reality is that all of Spain knows what facts and what conduct are being investigated,” he said, attacking the Executive: “The socialist Government not only amnesties and pardons its corruption, but also tries to obstruct the action of those who investigate“Silence is consent,” he also said.

For his part, the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano Garcia-Pagehe admitted that he is “really struggling with all that suffering in family environments means.” “I am convinced that everything will finally be explained and clarified and in the meantime the important thing is that There are no a priori condemnations of no one,” he added.

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