Peruvian inventors have up to 200 patent applications in these technological fields

Peruvian inventors have up to 200 patent applications in these technological fields
Peruvian inventors have up to 200 patent applications in these technological fields

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The National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi) revealed the names of the inventors with the most patent applications in 2023 and in the cumulative period from 1990 to 2023, in the context of the recent commemoration of Peruvian Inventor and Scientist Day July 2. The date, established by the Congress of the Republic, pays tribute to the inventor’s birth Pedro Paulet Mostajo (1874-1945).

In 2023, the five inventors with the highest number of patent applications are Sario Angel Chamorro Quijano (74), Jeremy Dela Cruz Cortez (55), Jeremy Pool Ore Moran (54), John Alexander Taquio Still (48) y Anwar Julio Yarin Achachagua (46). In the period between 1990 and 2023, the inventors with the most accumulated applications are Walter Hector Gonzalez Arnao (205), Jorge Luis Contreras Cossio (123), Anwar Julio Yarin Achachagua (101), Jorge Alfredo Hilario Sanchez (82) y John Alexander Taquio Still (82).

In the field of women inventors, the main patent applicants in 2023 have been Katerine Nayeli Raymundo Cardenas (55), Ruth Aracelis Manzanares Degrees (26), Karen Esteincin Cuba Vargas (26), Isabel Menacho Vargas (23) y Sheylla Dally Lorza Huaman (16). From 1990 to 2023, the following stand out: Karen Esteincin Cuba Vargas (77), Ruth Aracelis Manzanares Degrees (64), Katerine Nayeli Raymundo Cardenas (55), Katherine Paola Bustamante Dominguez (30) y Evelyn Ysolina Knee Jara (29).

The research, development and innovation sector in Peru shows constant growth. In 2023, Indecopi received 805 patent applications from domestic inventors, and so far in 2024, 322 applications have been registered.

This service seeks to support the community of inventors in the country so that they can take advantage of the benefits of the Patent Cooperation Treaty. – Credit: Indecopi

Regarding the technological fields where Peruvians submitted the most patent applications in 2023, the following areas stand out:

– furniture and games,

– chemical engineering

– civil Engineering

– control and automation

– electronics,

– electricity

– biotechnology.

The entity also highlighted the increase in female participation in inventive activities. In 2023, around six out of ten patent applications included at least one woman in the team of inventors.

Indecopi has invited inventors to the fourth edition of the of the Patent Programwhich offers technical assistance for filing applications for invention patents and utility models. Interested parties can register until August 11 at this link

Civil engineering is one of the most common areas. (

If you have created an innovative product or procedure, you can apply for an invention patent from Indecopi. This title allows you to protect your invention, provided that it constitutes a contribution to the state of the art in the country. In general, invention patents protect the results of research, development and technological innovation processes (R&D&I).

Product inventions may include compounds, compositions, tools, devices, machinery, equipment, apparatus, among others; while process inventions encompass processes, methods, and the like.

Every patent for invention has a non-renewable protection period of 20 years, counted from the date of filing the application. After this period, the invention enters the public domain and can be freely used by other natural or legal persons.


  • Patent application form, with attachments if necessary.
  • Technical document of the invention, including the description, claims, summary and drawings. The guide for drafting this document can be consulted in case of doubts.
  • Simple power of attorney if there is a representative. If it is for a legal entity, the quality or position of the representative must be indicated, without the need to register with Sunarp. ​​If it is registered, a simple copy of the registry entry can be attached or the entry or file number of a previous procedure at Indecopi that contains said documentation can be indicated.
  • In the event that the applicants are different from the inventor or group of inventors, assignments of intellectual property rights with legalized signatures of the inventor or inventors before a notary are required. If the applicant is a foreigner, he or she must have the corresponding sequence of legalizations or apostille.

If you have additional questions about the requirements, you can enter this Indecopi link

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