“They are the payroll of public health professionals”

“They are the payroll of public health professionals”
“They are the payroll of public health professionals”

Afra Blanco reacted to an intervention by Celia Ferrero, vice president of the National Federation of Self-Employed Workers (ATA), in which the self-employed woman spoke about taxes, and did so by asking her a question: “Do we agree that Big companies pay according to their profits and contribute to corporate tax and do not cheat?”

Ferrero replied affirmatively, after which the unionist asked her another question: “Do we agree that we want to be in the European Economic Community?”. The vice president of ATA again said yes, after which Blanco pointed out that “then VAT and excise duties must be paidbecause if not, we’re out.”

In addition, the union member stressed that “other taxes, such as personal income tax or corporate tax, were not invented by this Government, but were an agreement.” “And one last point; when we say that we do not know where the taxes end up, I mean that they are the payroll of our public health professionals, of those professionals who are protecting security and also the infrastructures through which our vehicles circulate“, Afra Blanco highlighted.

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