“There are many vile things going on”

“There are many vile things going on”
“There are many vile things going on”

The egos and arrogance of the ruling class have their effect on ordinary people.. But it’s the same old story, unfortunately,” he says. Matthew Needhamin charge of giving life to Larys Strong in The house of the dragonThe actor plays one of the most politically astute characters in the series, set in the universe created by George RR Martinand also comes from having been ‘close’ to the very same Napoleonhaving given life to his brother Lucien in the biopic Ridley Scott.

In that respect, Larys has learned his lesson well. As he tells verTele and viewers have been able to see at the start of the second season, regarding the Patambo “There are many vile things going on”. “The war has begun. There is a lot of chaos and he is climbing positions”, he notes.

Like Harry Collett had recommended his character, it is clear to Needham that the only advice he could give Larys would be to “stop and go to therapy,” he says, amused. Perhaps because of his experiences in the realm of megalomania, it is surprising when we ask him about the real-world person to whom he would cede the Iron Throne: “I would put Stephen Fry“, says an actor who does not feel pressured by the fame he has achieved.

He assures that nothing has changed personally, “in a good way“When you walk down the street it’s a little different now, but otherwise it’s fine,” he says.

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