Fire near Malaga Botanical Gardens under control

Fire near Malaga Botanical Gardens under control
Fire near Malaga Botanical Gardens under control

Scare in Malaga city after a fire broke out fire On a particularly hot day with the thermometers shot up and the strong land wind, the worst enemy of fires. The first warnings they made sound the alarm were registered at the 112 Andalusia Emergency Service at 17:15, near the Botanical Garden. Initial reports indicated that a pasture area, near a mountainous area. Just three hours later, the Andalusian Forest Fire Extinguishing Service, Plan Infoca, declared the fire the fire was brought under control.

The coordinating centre activated a device. The Infoca Plan sent a light helicopter, three groups of forest firefighters and two fire trucks to the site, which continue working to extinguish the fire.

The incident occurred shortly before the Meteorological Service deactivated the yellow alert, which was maintained from 1 to 7 pm due to the risk of high temperatures and also, strong wind and waves. The forecast was for the maximum temperatures to reach 36 degrees in the capital. The Aemet also activated the yellow warning in the coastal area for coastal phenomena. It expected winds to blow from the west and the southeast at intervals of 50 to 60 kilometers per hour and, in addition, waves between 2 and 3 meters. It has not been, therefore, a a good day to spend on the beachdespite the widespread high temperatures.

The Ronda forest fire, now extinguished, has burned 2.5 hectares of wooded area

This morning, the firefighters also declared extinguished the forest fire that was declared last Friday in a Ronda area. The fire had affected the area of ​​Cortijo Majaco. It burned a total of 2.5 hectares of wooded area, according to data provided by the Infoca Plan. A semi-heavy helicopter and a heavy helicopter, a fire truck, two Bricas, two operations technicians, two groups of forest firefighters and an environmental agent worked on the site.

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