You will avoid inspection if your car is on this list

You will avoid inspection if your car is on this list
You will avoid inspection if your car is on this list

The mandatory technical inspection of vehicles, known as ITV, is a procedure that all drivers must complete in our country. Sometimes, this can be a real headache, especially if the vehicles are old or modified, since passing it can be complicated. Despite this, Many drivers wonder if they could be fined for not having the ITV sticker on their car.

The regular inspection process is carried out at authorized facilities, where the technical condition and safety of the cars is checked. When the vehicle is approved after the inspection, it is given a sticker, which raises doubts in many people about whether they can be fined if they do not have it attached to the car. Likewise, the question arises as to whether all vehicles must undergo the ITV or not. Here, we are going to address this and other concerns. The first question is whether it is possible to receive a fine for not carrying the ITV sticker and the answer is affirmative.

Although the Civil Guard does not usually inspect it frequently, driving without the ITV sticker placed on the windshield is grounds for an infraction. The first ITV must be carried out four years after being registered. and then every two years until it reaches ten years of age. From that moment on, the MOT must be carried out annually to ensure the correct operation and safety of the vehicle.

Historic cars

It is curious that, for some time now, there are some Vehicles that are exempt from passing the ITVThese are vehicles registered before 1 January 1950, whether cars or mopeds. They are known as historic cars.

The General Directorate of Traffic has stressed the relevance of these cars as part of our cultural heritagewhich is why it has taken the decision to increase the number of historic vehicles in Spain. In this sense, the new regulations offer a great opportunity for those classified as historic, which means that if you own one of them, you can avoid the technical inspection.

Starting this year, some cars will not be required to undergo an ITV at any time. These are: vehicles that were registered before January 1, 1950The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has highlighted the importance of these vehicles as part of Spain’s cultural legacy, and is therefore seeking to increase the number of historic cars in our country.

In this way, those who own one of these vehicles will be able to enjoy the privilege of not having to submit it to the ITV ever againAs for private cars, it is important to remember that they must pass the technical inspection from time to time.

Less frequency in reviews

Los Vehicles that may pass the Vehicle Inspection less frequently are as follows:

  • Motorcycles, quad bikes and ATVs do not need to pass it during the first four years.
  • Passenger cars and other private vehicles for transporting people, with a capacity of up to nine passengers (including the driver), must pass the MOT every four years.
  • Mopeds must undergo an MOT every three years.
  • Rental vehicles with or without driver, as well as those intended for driving schools and with a capacity of up to 9 seats (including the driver), must pass the MOT every two years.
  • Towed caravans with a maximum authorised mass (MAM) greater than 750 kg must undergo an ITV inspection every six years.
  • Trucks and trailers up to 3,500 kg must pass the MOT every two years.
  • Special vehicles used for work and services, as well as self-propelled machinery, excluding those designed to have a speed of less than 25 kilometres per hour, every four years.
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