Investigations would reveal a drug network

Investigations would reveal a drug network
Investigations would reveal a drug network


Matthew Perry’s overdose investigation could reveal the dark side of Hollywood drug trafficking. A possible prescription drug delivery network could be exposed.

By THINGS Editorial

The tragic death of Matthew Perry from a fatal ketamine overdose has shocked the world. New findings in the investigation would reveal the dark side of drug trafficking in Hollywood, with some well-known names involved. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), the US Drug Enforcement Administration and the US Postal Inspection Service are preparing a press conference to announce the possible charges – which could include involuntary manslaughter.

Brooke Mueller was questioned by police. The actress allegedly met Matthew Perry in rehab (Source: Getty Images).

Among those questioned is Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, whom Perry reportedly met in rehab. However, she has not been charged with any crime. Page Six claims to be aware of another actress involved in the investigation. The B-list star was very close to Perry and they even shared the screen together. They also posed for a photo in the office of a doctor who reportedly prescribes ketamine.

Matthew Perry rose to stardom playing Chandler Bing in the popular series Friends (Source: Getty Images).

The doctor’s office denied having treated Perry as a patient and is refusing to cooperate with law enforcement. Authorities may investigate the actress’s phone. A source told the magazine Intouch that the Los Angeles police are sure to find new evidence in the conversations between Perry and this actress.

Matthew Perry accompanied by his sister Emily Morrison and his mother Suzanne Morrison in 2001 (Source: Getty Images).

Tracy Walder, a former CIA and FBI agent, said there could be multiple people charged because of the rise in drug rings that use mail fraud — the mailing of prescription drugs, a federal crime. “Intent is going to be the issue,” she said. “They obviously knew what they were doing was wrong, but did they really know it would kill him?”

Perry’s attorney, Marty Singer, cited concerns about the actor’s use of ketamine and supported the idea of ​​prosecuting anyone involved in providing ketamine to Perry. Perry’s stepfather, Keith Morrison, denied being involved in the investigation but admitted that his stepson’s death has deeply affected his family.

All indications are that Kenny Iwamasa, Perry’s assistant, was the one who found her body in the jacuzzi (Source: APEX/MEGA).

The actor was found unconscious in a hot tub at his Pacific Palisades home and pronounced dead on Oct. 28 last year. An autopsy revealed high levels of ketamine in his body. The drug, combined with coronary artery disease and the effects of buprenorphine, is believed to have precipitated Perry’s death.

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