A Gijón administration on a roll: two big prizes in ten days

Saturday, July 6, 2024, 7:44 PM

| Updated 20:51h.


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Two big prizes in ten days have been won by the lottery office located at number 14 Gran Capitán street in La Calzada in Gijón, an establishment that for almost three decades has combined the distribution of luck with the sale of toys, small gifts and coffee-based products. “It’s wonderful, we are very happy,” he said. Patricia Blancowhich has been working there for 24 years, after the celebration of the extraordinary draw of the National Lottery Holidays this Saturday. And part of the second prize, which went to number 74,950, was sold in this establishment that on June 27 already hung in its window the poster corresponding to the first prize of the National Lottery on Thursday. Then it shared luck with five other administrations and points of sale in the city (Palacio Valdés, 9; Juan Alvargonzález, 37; Avenida de la Argentina, 36; Avenida de Rufo García Rendueles, 20; and Mariano Pola, 53), with one tenth sold.

On this occasion, Blanco still does not know how many people have won this second prize, which is worth 60,200 euros per tenth. But he is sure, given his regular clientele, that the winner or winners “will be people from the neighbourhood, for sure.” Now they are the only establishment in Gijón that appears in the distribution of big prizes, although several tenths of the same number have also been sold in the administration number 23 of Oviedo, located in the Plaza de Teodoro López Cuesta. The first prize of this extraordinary draw, with 200,000 euros per tenth, went to number 91,034, sold in Vera Playa (Almería), Viladecans (Barcelona), Gerona, San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid), Málaga and Cambados (Pontevedra). One of these tenths, corresponding to fraction 4 of series 2, will receive a special prize of 20 million euros.

Patricia Blanco is confident that the administration of La Calzada, owned by Aylín Torres, will continue a run that last December already left part of a fifth prize in the Christmas draw at the same premises.

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