Room 112 will have a new location in Cazoña starting in September

Room 112 will have a new location in Cazoña starting in September
Room 112 will have a new location in Cazoña starting in September

The Minister of the Presidency, Isabel Urrutia, announced this Saturday that the 112 room could be operational this September in the Cazoña facilities, where the rest of the Emergency Service employees are of the autonomous body of Cantabria, once this week the last permission has been obtained to proceed with its transfer and, has advanced that, “shortly”, the antenna will be installedThis was stated by the head of the Emergency Department during the celebration this morning of the exhibition of vehicles, materials and capacities for work in emergencies organized by the Executive to commemorate the 25th anniversary of service of 112 in the Community.

Within the framework of the event, which took place in the La Magdalena de Santander field, Urrutia has highlighted that Cantabria has a “strong, united and coordinated” emergency services which is capable of “providing a rapid response to all types of risks that occur in the Community.” In this regard, he recalled that, despite “our small size, We have all kinds of risks, from the mountains to the sea, the rivers, our reservoirs or dams.“, and stressed that Cantabria is one of the autonomous communities with the highest number of cavities at a European level, so “we must be prepared for these emergencies.”

In this regard, the councillor has sent the message to citizens that “coordination and collaboration between administrations is extremely important and our coordination is demonstrated every time we have an emergency.” In this way, she has pointed out that “it has been demonstrated in the latest emergency services”, recently in a cave, and in each of the calls received by 112.

In this 25th anniversary they have participated More than 50 vehicles, instruments and accessoriesof various types, which have been provided by services and entities from all institutional spheres, both from the central Government and from the regional and municipal governments. Urrutia has expressly thanked the Civil Guard, the National Police, the Military Emergency Unit (UME), the firefighters and local police of Santander, Civil Protection groups from Santander, Cartes, Corrales de Buelna and Villaescusa for their collaboration.

He also extended his gratitude to the Volunteer Firefighters of Santandera Red Crosslos Government firefightersunits of the 061, forest firefightersthe rescue team of the helicopter and technicians from the General Directorate of Security and Citizen Protection, among others. Urrutia wanted to thank all of them for their quick response and coordination in case of emergencies, and their response to the Government’s call to participate in this exhibition for the 25th anniversary of 112.

On the other hand, people who have come to La Magdalena have been able to see the firefighters’ rescue and fire-fighting vehicles, as well as the Government’s Advanced Command Post (PMA) and other equipment such as boats, motorcycles, field hospitals, emergency intervention and cave rescue material, canine units, a cavalry corps, transmission vehicles, a scientific unit, historic fire service vehicles and rescue helicopters from the Government and the Civil Guard.


In addition, to provide a better understanding of the work of the emergency services, the deployed personnel have carried out demonstrations (canine units, medical assistance, deactivation of explosives and fire fighting) and two simulations.

In one of them, A traffic accident involving two vehicles has been simulatedone dedicated to teaching citizens the procedures to follow in the work of freeing the wounded, caring for the victims, the necessary security actions and preparation of the report, and the coordination of the different intervening bodies.

Meanwhile, in the second exercise the following have been exhibited: coastal rescue capabilitieswith the recreation of an injured person on a jetty, who has been treated and evacuated by the Government helicopter.

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