The atomic industry is in danger: Formosa warns that the paralysis of Dioxitek is a “deliberate” matter on the part of the Nation

The atomic industry is in danger: Formosa warns that the paralysis of Dioxitek is a “deliberate” matter on the part of the Nation
The atomic industry is in danger: Formosa warns that the paralysis of Dioxitek is a “deliberate” matter on the part of the Nation

As part of the national government’s economic policies, the New Uranium Plant Project (NPU) in Formosa, considered crucial for the nuclear fuel cycle in Argentina and one of the few in South Americatoday faces a paralysis due to lack of transfers from the National TreasuryIn this context, the former director of the plant and current Minister of Education of the province, Julio Aráoz, expressed his concern due to the impact that the stoppage will have on energy at the national level.

In communication with The Uncovering Radiothe minister from Formosa explained: “Using chemical processes, this plant will purify uranium ore from mining sites to give it a high degree of purity, which makes it possible for this pure powder to be processed later at the Ezeiza atomic centre to produce pellets that contain nuclear elements, which are installed in reactors for nuclear power generation. This plant, which should be in operation, already integrates this value chain to produce our own fuels in our country.”

Notably This is not the first time that this plant has been stopped. of this style that makes it difficult to implement, since it was stopped for the first time during the government of Mauricio Macriwhich is why he considers that this is a deliberate act against the development of the work. “At that time, the construction of the civil works was interrupted, it had a very hard financial impact that was managed to be remedied by resuming later during the administration of Alberto Fernández with this project, but the State had to assume higher costs in the execution of the project”said Araoz.

“The deterioration is going to happen very quickly and we have finally done the numbers, the Secretary of Energy knows this, because I personally presented him with the documents, that the project, due to the interruptions and traffic it has had, if we can ever finish it, will end up being much more expensive than the initial project and will produce half as much, because this must also be said.”the official added.

Finally, Aráoz placed the weight of this decision on the ruling party by quoting the writer Arturo Jauretche: “If the gringo who buys from us is bad, the Creole who sells to us is worse”. “Show us other countries in Latin America with these capabilities. Satellite manufacturers and we can continue. So it is much more than blindness, They come to destroy this, which is what happens with the scientific and technological system.“That’s what they’re doing,” he concluded.

The importance of NPU

Dioxitek is the only company in Argentina that operates in the strategic sectors of UO2 and Co-60 production. This positions it as a key player in the Argentine nuclear industry, with highly trained personnel and advanced technology.Its role is essential in the country’s energy matrix, guaranteeing the stability, efficiency and sustainability of the national energy system. Dioxitek not only ensures the provision of clean and reliable energy, but is also a key driver of technological innovation in Argentina.

The New Uranium Plant (NPU) represents a significant advance in the Argentine and regional industry. It stands out for its total digitalization of processes, which implies that all operations are automated and digitally controlled.This approach allows for greater precision and efficiency in the production of UO2, ensuring the highest quality of nuclear fuel.

Besides, The NPU adopts a zero liquid discharge approach, eliminating the need for liquid disposal and minimizing environmental impact.Compared with current industrial plants in the country and the region, the NPU is positioned at the forefront, offering a model of efficiency, safety and modernization.

At the moment, The New Plant is in the construction phase and is located in a semi-rural area 16 km from the City of Formosa, capital of the Province.within the Scientific, Technological and Innovation Pole.

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