Concern grows over the state of roads in Misiones: how road works are progressing

Municipal states Together with the Provincial Roads team of Misiones, they intensified their work on dirt roads in Misiones to try to improve the roads and offer solutions to rural areas that are in poor condition.with the aim of creating a better connection between the different productive sectors.

In this regard, the president of the Provincial Directorate of Roads, Sebastian Maciassaid: “The Provincial Roads Department has been working in conjunction with the municipalities on the closed routes in the Province of Misiones to preserve the network”.

Currently, work is being carried out with special emphasis on the main routes that are essential for production. “We have been working with around twenty fronts, intensifying work on the main routes in the production direction.”Macias listed.

Among the outstanding routes, Route 15 stands out for its length and the diversity of forestry and livestock production it supports. In addition, Routes 212, 222 and 219 are undergoing major works, with the last one already in its final stage.

Regarding collaboration with municipalities, the head of the Provincial Roads Department stated: “We must work in a planned manner and with a fairly strategic awareness”. On the other hand, he stressed that the action of the municipalities is essential: “Not only with the contribution of road infrastructure to the municipalities with equipment and technical assistance from our engineers, from our technicians in the area, but we also receive from the municipalities our need for materials such as gravel”.

These projects together allow, on the one hand, private sector producers to move their products without major inconveniences, and on the other, facilitate the economic development of the different regions of the red earth. “What we are trying to do is to give the private sector the opportunity to sell the product, working with the municipalities that are the link between us and the private sector”he concluded.

Increases in missionary routes

The The National Highway Directorate (DNV) made official this Tuesday the new tariff table with an average increase of 11% applicable from July for national routes and highways. With this increase, On national roads in Misiones, cars will pay 1,000 pesos and trucks will pay up to $5,000. As for the region, the increase affects Corridor III of Corrientes, Chaco and Misionescomposed of the tolls of Colonia Victoria, Santa Ana, Ituzaingó, Riachuelo, Gral. Belgrano and Makallé. In this way, the new values ​​for the Chaco-Corrientes bridgeaccording to the National Road Authority, will be around between 1,000 to 3,600 pesosdepending on the vehicle.

Through Resolution 332/2024 and based on the monthly variation methodology approved in April together with the comparison with the contractual update mechanisms provided by the firm Corredores Viales SAthe modified values ​​will impact sections I to X. In the case of Routes 12 and 16, the tolls are managed by the company Corredores Viales Sociedad Anónima that has the concession of public works for tolls for the construction, improvement, repair, promotion, expansion, remodeling, maintenance, administration, exploitation and provision of services to the user within the framework of the regime established in Law No. 17,520its amendments and regulations, of the National Road Corridors.

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