Do you like monologues? The Teatro a Sola Voz Festival will start in Guanajuato – Evening News

Do you like monologues? The Teatro a Sola Voz Festival will start in Guanajuato – Evening News
Do you like monologues? The Teatro a Sola Voz Festival will start in Guanajuato – Evening News

Guanajuato, Gto. Do you like monologues? Guanajuato is preparing to be the epicenter of one-man theater in Mexico hosting by fifth occasion the 19th edition of the One Voice Monologue Theatre Festival . This event, which will take place July 9-15 in it Cervantes Theatre promises a week full of art and culture with stage proposals of Veracruz, Sinaloa, Durango, Jalisco and Michoacan .

The festival is organized jointly by the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA) and the State Institute of Culture (IEC) and has established itself as a essential platform for one-man theatre in Mexico This year’s edition will feature Seven Monologues that encompass a wide range of themes and styles directed to diverse audiences, from children to adults .

The event will start on Tuesday, July 9th at 8pm con “Fear eats everything… dreams in flight” a proposal from the Veracruz group Flowers TheatreDance . This work, created, directed and acted by Fernando Alfonso Leija Flores is based on the language of contemporary dance to engage in dialogue with the youngest children. The message of the work is clear: No to fear! and let dreams fly, offering a Enriching and motivating experience for the whole family .

The second function scheduled for the Wednesday, July 10th at 8pm will bring “Cuatzimiro. The son of Cuasimodo and Lupita Ions” a production presented by Bring back Cabaret . This work tells the story of Cuatzimiro, who suffers a curse that leaves him deformed . In its Birthday number 18 you will have to take a crucial decision : undergo a plastic surgery with a 99% risk of death or accept their peculiar appearance forever . This irreverent representation is imbued with the spirit of cabaret and promises to be a unique and provocative experience .

He Thursday, July 11 at 8 pm , “Hound” will take the stage, a A stage piece aimed at teenagers and adults Presented by The Stubborn Theater a company originating from Sinaloa . “Hound” It is a work based on the testimony of Maria Isabel Cruz Bernal and the search party’s investigation Warrior Hounds as a result of the Yosimar’s disappearance . This representation addresses current and highly socially relevant topics inviting the reflection and commitment to justice and truth .

The festival will begin with a series of works that will not leave any viewer indifferent. The Friday July 12 a is presented piece of the state of Durango which will offer a A unique and personal look at contemporary issues . He Saturday, July 13 , Jalisco will bring his proposal, followed by Michoacan he Sunday, July 14 each contributing their own particular vision and style to the festival.

He event closing he Monday, July 15 will be in charge of another Veracruz proposal ensuring that the festival will conclude with the same intensity and quality with which it began. Each work has been carefully selected to offer a diverse and enriching theatrical experience where the public will be able to enjoy a range of emotions and reflections through unique and powerful monologues.

He Monologue Festival Theatre in One Voice has become a essential showcase for theatrical talent in Mexico allowing artists to showcase their work to a broad and diverse audience . In addition, this event is a opportunity for viewers to approach different realities and perspectives through the performing arts .

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