ATE described Sturzenegger’s proposal to take an exam to enter the State as “nonsense”

ATE described Sturzenegger’s proposal to take an exam to enter the State as “nonsense”
ATE described Sturzenegger’s proposal to take an exam to enter the State as “nonsense”

The State Workers Association (ATE) described it as a “stupid“the proposal of the Minister of Deregulation and Transformation of the State, Federico Sturzeneggerregarding the fact that persons entering the public service must take an entrance exam.

“@fedesturze did not make a good start in his new position. He started with a nonsense. He showed all his ignorance by proposing to implement what already exists in the law and establishes our Collective Labor Agreement for the National Public Administration 214/06 (Selection Process and entrance exams),” he said. Rodolfo Aguiar, general secretary of the State Workers Association.

The union leader also said that it is “wicked“that the national government expresses itself regarding the conditions of entry into the State, when”All they do is generate expenses”.

“The truth is that you are also quite hypocritical when referring to the Right to Stability when they do not stop firing and to illegally dismiss to all the people,” Aguiar said on social media.

The response of the state union representative to the new Minister of Deregulation took place after Sturzenegger proposed changes in the administrative career, which include rendering “a civil service entrance exam like the one used in countries with professional civil service.”

The anonymous entrance exam will allow us to leave behind the nightmare of a state plagued by sycophants or political cronies that good Argentines do not deserve and that violate the spirit of our Constitution of separating politics from public employment,” argued the new member of the Cabinet in his X account.

Sturzenegger had announced yesterday during his inauguration as minister that he would advance an agenda of “transformation of the State”, which could lead to more staff cuts in the public sector.

“There is that famous phrase of the President which is: ‘there is no money’, and I think it is important to emphasize it, because we have to understand that what the public sector spends is a peso that someone pays with taxes,” explained the new member of Milei’s Cabinet.

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