The PP defends a State pact against hate speech

Madrid, Jul 5 (EFE).- The Government and the PP have committed themselves this Saturday to the celebration of the ma…

Madrid, Jul 5 (EFE).- The Government and the PP have committed this Saturday at the celebration of the LGTBI Pride demonstration to advance a State pact against hate speech, a demand that has been made again by the organizations that called for the demonstration. The PP’s deputy secretary for Equality, Reconciliation and Social Policy, Ana Alós, has expressed her delight at being at the LGTBI Pride party “one more year” and has assured that her party is there to defend the rights of this group in all areas of society. “From the Popular Party, wherever we govern, and with whomever we govern, we are going to continue working for the equality of all people in our country, but also especially for LGTBI people. We are not willing to take a step back in everything that has to do with the values ​​of equality,” she stressed. Alós was accompanied, among other members of the PP, by the popular deputy Jaime de los Santos who has shown himself in favour of a State pact “that puts its foot down against” any hate crime. “Who in a country like ours is not going to be in favour of encouraging conflicts and LGBTIphobic aggressions to disappear?” she asked. “Yes to a pact against hate crimes, but against all hate crimes. We have to be an example of freedom and respect for everything, for all beliefs, ideologies and all ways of understanding life,” he added. PP IMAGES. STATEMENTS BY THE PP’S DEPUTY SECRETARY FOR EQUALITY, CONCILIATION AND SOCIAL POLICY, ANA ALÓS, AND THE POPULAR DEPUTY JAIME DE LOS SANTOS

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