This is the only country that celebrates New Year in July; on which continent is it located?

This is the only country that celebrates New Year in July; on which continent is it located?
This is the only country that celebrates New Year in July; on which continent is it located?

The night of the December 31st and the dawn of January 1st It is one of the most important dates Worldwide, the celebration of new Year is a tradition that has transcended by generations and hundreds of countries on the planet they welcome him with great enthusiasm.

Es atypical You may hear that the same celebration is moved to another date of the year, however, in some countries of the world this commemoration varies, one of the most popular is the ‘Chinese New Year’what It was celebrated in 2024 on February 10th and is motivated by a series of traditions rich in the Asian culture.

Among the main reasons in China are the agricultural cycle, the lunar cycle, family gatherings, rituals, traditions and even legends; all this sums up a series of customs that over time have become global and have been normalized, mainly in the American continent.

However, between the sunset of This July 7th and the evening of July 8thsome communities around the world celebrate the ‘Muslim New Year’a holiday that commemorates the life of the prophet Muhammad and the Hegiraalso known as the emigration which made the city known today as Medina.

What is the Muslim New Year?

Also know as Ras as-Sanah al-Hijriyahdenotes the beginning of the year in the Islamic calendarsaid calendar consists of 12 months in a year of 354 or 355 daysmarking the beginning of the month of Muharram.

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As a result, being shorter than the Gregorian calendar for about 10 to 12 daysthe new year holiday it varies Every year, celebrating December 15, 2022 and on July 7 this 2024.

Historical significance of this holiday

The Muslim New Year commemorates the Hegiramentioned above, and which was a historical event in which Prophet Muhammad and his followers migrated from Mecca to Medina in the year 622 AD.

Medina is a city located in Saudi Arabiaconsidered one of the more important in the peninsula y Its entry is prohibited for Meccais considered a sacred place.

Where in the world is the Muslim New Year celebrated?

The celebration of this holiday is concentrated in countries where The majority of the population is Muslimhowever, the main place of commemoration if given in Saudi ArabiaIn the continent Asianepicenter of the aforementioned Hegira.

However, other countries, such as Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Türkiye, Egypt, Morocco and Malaysiaalso hold celebrations on this date, mainly in the mosquesone of the most popular is the Sultan Ahmed Mosquelocated in the city of Istanbul.

Another country that celebrates the new year in July

Although it is not an official celebration in the country, some indigenous cultures of Papua New Guineamainly in the Highlands regionshave traditional celebrations that coincide with the month of July, this is due to the season of agricultural harvest.

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