The Minister of Health called AMPROS to a meeting after the rejection of the salary offer

The Minister of Health called AMPROS to a meeting after the rejection of the salary offer
The Minister of Health called AMPROS to a meeting after the rejection of the salary offer

After the rejection of AMPROS Regarding the latest salary offer, the Minister of Health, Rodolfo Montero, called the professional union for a meeting next Monday in order to reach an agreement as part of the collective bargaining negotiations.

“Despite the fact that @AMProSMendoza rejected the salary offer, I am calling the union to a negotiating committee meeting at the Government House next Monday the 8th at 10am. I am doing so with the conviction that constructive dialogue will provide solutions to the workers’ problems,” the official wrote on the social network X this Saturday.

AMPROS signed this Friday the rejection of the last salary offer of the Government that proposed increases of 5% for the months of July, August and September, in addition to an increase in an item that meant about $15 thousand just in September, according to the report.

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Claudia Iturbe, the general secretary of AMPROS, announced the strike measures that will take place in July.

The union entity has already defined that for the Monday, July 15, only emergencies will be attended to and emergencies throughout the province and in the coming days will define a package of union measures in defense of workers’ rights and public health.

AMPROS’ position on Rodolfo Montero’s call

Claudia Iturbe, general secretary of AMPROSsaid this Saturday to Diario UNO that they had not yet received any call from the Government to sit down at a negotiating table outside the Undersecretary of Labor. However, he said open to dialogue.

Regarding the Executive’s proposal, Iturbe considered that “we have rejected the offer of an increase because it is absolutely insufficient. Accepting this proposal implies accepting the loss of purchasing power accumulated in 2023, deepening a situation of high economic vulnerability among health professionals.”

The union member stressed that the staff “is at the edge of collapseworking to physical and mental exhaustion, attending large numbers of patients due to the macroeconomic crisis. Therefore, we urgently request a significant increase that allows the professional to work in a single place, without the need for multiple jobs. For all these reasons, we have presented an action measure that implies that on Monday, July 15, we will begin to handle only urgent and emergency cases, so we request the collaboration of the population, since this fight is in defense of public health.”

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