Merchant reveals how much he earns selling bread and coffee in CDMX

Merchant reveals how much he earns selling bread and coffee in CDMX
Merchant reveals how much he earns selling bread and coffee in CDMX
  • Informal employment is very common in Latin America and in fact Mexico has a high rate of 57 percent according to the ILO.

  • Informal workers are typically employed in the informal sector of the economy, which includes activities such as street trading, vending and unpaid domestic work.

  • Mexico is home to a large number of merchants of all kinds.

With just a couple of hours of investment, a merchant who sells coffee with bread in Mexico City revealed how much he earns. In his video he showed that he had 29 pieces of bread available. To make his sales a success, he starts very early to have better opportunities.

It is a fact that in Latin America, informal employment is a phenomenon that has been present for a long time. This situation refers to those workers who are not protected by labor laws and do not have certain benefits such as social security, paid vacations or formal contracts.

According to Statista, informal economy workers face a three to four times greater risk of falling into poverty. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a wide variety of people had to start their own business informally, as this catastrophe wiped out a large number of jobs globally.

The International Labour Organization also announced that the informal workforce represents more than half of the total number of people employed in Latin America. With approximately eight out of ten workers employed in the informal sector in 2022, Bolivia has the highest rate of informality in the region and one of the highest in the world.

In the Andean region, Ecuador and Peru also have more than two-thirds of their population employed in informal wage jobs. In Mexico and Brazil, the largest Latin American economies, this percentage rises to 57 percent and 39 percent, respectively.

Merchant reveals how much he earns selling bread and coffee in CDMX

Via TikTok, @lorocafemx revealed the details of his lucrative business selling coffee and bread on the bustling streets of Mexico City. In a recent video, he is seen setting off early with a basket filled with 29 pieces of bread, as he strategically visits key points in the city. In addition to his variety of breads, he also offers coffee and tea to passersby looking for a quick and convenient breakfast.

Tallying his earnings at the end of the morning, @lorocafemx showed how he managed to gather 500 pesos in cash. However, when he did the final balance of costs and sales, he determined that his net profit was 200 pesos during the two hours he was active, from 7:30 to 9:30 in the morning.

And many commented that for only being there for 2 hours their earnings were very good.

@lorocafemx Another day selling bread and coffee ✨#fy #fyp #viral ♬ Get It Sexyy – Sexyy Red

The video captured the attention of many viewers on TikTok, who highlighted @lorocafemx’s ability to generate significant revenue in a short period of time, demonstrating how street trading can be profitable with the right strategy and the right location.


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