Pumping plant launched to prevent flooding in Iztapalapa, Xochimilco and Tláhuac

Pumping plant launched to prevent flooding in Iztapalapa, Xochimilco and Tláhuac
Pumping plant launched to prevent flooding in Iztapalapa, Xochimilco and Tláhuac

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This Friday, the Head of Government of Mexico City, Martí Batres Guadarrama, inaugurated the “Lumbrera 7” Pumping Plant, located on Canal de Chalco corner with Emiliano Zapata, in the Iztapalapa Municipality, where SACMEX carried out the construction and electromechanical equipment of the pumping plant with an investment of 85.7 million pesos (mdp) and benefiting around 45 thousand inhabitants of colonies located in the lower area of ​​​​Iztapalapa, Tláhuac and Xochimilco.

These works and the pumping and electromechanical equipment works carried out in the Chalco Canal and Piraña Street, in the Tláhuac Municipality, which had an investment of 29 million pesos, total an investment of 114.7 million pesos.

“85 million pesos were invested to make these five mega screws; and with these, water extraction work is done from the deepest part to remove, level and prevent overflows in the Chalco Canal that affect Xochimilco, Iztapalapa and Tláhuac. (…) There is another work nearby; there are two more large screws like these. Together, the two works represent an investment of 115 million pesos, which means that the investments in the Chalco Canal are the largest investments in drainage and water that the Mexico City Water System is making. (…) In addition, it has an ecological, environmental vision because we live with this reality of canals that occur in this area (…) but, on the other hand, this also helps us face the rainy seasons in the southeastern part of Mexico City to avoid flooding,” he indicated.

These interventions, he recalled, are part of the 42 works carried out by SACMEX in the area of ​​drinking water and drainage in the capital of the country and in the Lerma and Chiconautla System of the State of Mexico, which also supply the city.

“Just a few days ago we announced that the Government of Mexico City, through the Mexico City Water System, has built and completed the construction –which has taken different periods– of 42 large hydraulic works in Mexico City and the State of Mexico, all of which benefit Mexico City. Among those 42 large works, of course, there are not many well cleaning works and many others that should be detailed, but there are 42 large works that have to do with drinking water and drainage; more than 800 million pesos have been invested in those works,” he explained.

For his part, the general coordinator of SACMEX, Rafael Carmona Paredes, explained what the interventions carried out at Lumbrera 7 and on Piraña Street consist of.

“Our team carried out very detailed work on three fundamental aspects: what we call the Piraña pumping station, the Piraña pumping station, which is located 2 kilometers further south, 2 kilometers away from this plant; the Lumbrera 7 pumping station, the site where we are located; and the desilting of Canal de Chalco. In total we installed seven screw pumps; the seven pumps are the same; five here, two at the plant that is at the confluence with Piraña Street. Solid retention grids were placed, 3,500 cubic meters were desilted and 32,000 square meters were cleaned and rectified,” he explained.

He mentioned that they will contribute to the capacity to evacuate drainage and rainwater that has historically affected the inhabitants of the three districts.

“Shoveling, that is, transporting volumes of water from lower levels to higher levels, is the objective of these plants on the Chalco Canal. (…) These works are intended to increase the capacity to remove combined water, drainage and rain, to avoid puddles and flooding that, in a short period of concentration, are capable of accumulating very large volumes of water to the detriment of the citizens of these localities,” he said.

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