5 soft skills valued in the modern job market

5 soft skills valued in the modern job market
5 soft skills valued in the modern job market

Five soft skills you should develop to be more attractive in the market. (Illustrative Image Infobae)

Developing soft skills is necessary for every worker seeking to be attractive in the modern labor market. According to a recent study by Bumeranhe 71% of companies in the Peruvian labor market gives priority to interpersonal skills when hiring new professionals. Within this category, being able to work in a team appears to be the most sought-after virtue.

In this regard, the leader of the Andean region of the Forge Foundation, Hellen Tipianstressed that national companies are looking for workers who have a correct balance between their soft and hard skills. According to the specialist, this is an indicator that professionals will maintain a high competitiveness and are closer to success in the current changing labor landscape.

He also stressed that the ability to work as a team is a crucial element in creating a comfortable working environment for everyone, where the results are the product of a collective, competitive and healthy process.

“Employees who work in the same environment and have developed hard and soft skills are highly valued by companies. This is because they tend to maintain a pleasant work environment for the entire team, drive innovation and constantly contribute to the development of the company in a healthy competitive environment, focused on results,” said Tipian.

Knowing how to work as a team is the virtue most sought after by employers. (Illustrative Image Infobae)

Handling new technologies

The advancement of digital technologies has revolutionized the operational processes of different work areas. For outstanding performance, the worker must have the adaptability to new working methods and resort to new technologies for their own benefit. That is, using them to increase their efficiency and production. To date, and according to the Bumeran report, almost 50% of Peruvian companies value this characteristic.

Assertive communication

The ability to communicate respectfully and clearly is valued by six out of ten companies in the country. According to Tipian, this skill contributes to maintaining a good working environment and boost the success of organizations. In addition, proper communication fosters collaboration and efficiency among work teams.

Assertive communication is crucial to foster camaraderie in the work environment. – (Illustrative Image Infobae)

Emotional intelligence and empathy

47% of companies value employees who have the ability to understand emotions themselves and others. These people can handle conflicts constructively, thus contributing to a more harmonious and efficient work environment. According to experts, this emotional skill is crucial for organizational success and well-being at work.

Project management

A worker capable of plan, organize and execute projects efficiently ensures that initiatives are completed satisfactorily, meeting established objectives and deadlines. Currently, 44% of Peruvian companies value this skill, recognizing it as crucial to achieving success in various organizational areas and improving the overall performance of their work teams.


The profile of a leader inspires, motivates and guides the team. 44% of companies look for individuals who make strategic decisionsdelegate responsibilities effectively and solve problems proactively, fostering continuous growth and improving organizational performance.

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