Luis Zahera, Malena Alterio and Vladimir Cruz, new stars of the Festival de l’Alfàs

Luis Zahera, Malena Alterio and Vladimir Cruz, new stars of the Festival de l’Alfàs
Luis Zahera, Malena Alterio and Vladimir Cruz, new stars of the Festival de l’Alfàs

l’Alfas del Pi (Spain), Jul 6 (EFE).- Galician Luis Zahera, Argentine Malena Alterio and Cuban Vladimir Cruz received a tribute to their careers this Saturday at the opening of the XXXVI l’Alfàs del Pi Film Festival (Alicante) (East) and, in this way, join the stars with their names on the tourist and emblematic seafront promenade of the town.

With a prize of 8,000 euros and a first prize that entitles the film to be shortlisted for the Goyas, the Alicante Festival of l’Alfàs is one of the oldest and most established on the national scene. This year, 1,154 works were nominated, of which 27 were selected as finalists.

These finalists and a total of 80 works will be screened at the Casa de la Cultura, the Cinema Roma (which is celebrating its 45th anniversary), les Escoles Velles and the Villa Romana del Albir before the winners are announced on the 14th.

To kick off the festival and in recognition of their already extensive careers in the seventh art, Luis Zahera, Malena Alterio and Vladimir Cruz (Strawberries and Chocolate) walked the red carpet to collect the ‘silver beacon’ of the event this Saturday at a gala hosted by comedian and impersonator Raúl López.

The first to take the stage at the cultural centre was Cuban Vladimir Cruz, who was presented with the trophy by his daughter, Julieta, who at just 11 years old has already taken her first steps in the world of cinema and who sang a cappella to her father a version of ‘Matilda’s song’, in one of the most emotional moments of the gala.

Cruz said he was “very excited and grateful” for the award and said that he had already visited the festival in l’Alfàs in 1995.

Something similar was said by the other two winners, Luis Zahera and Malena Alterio, to whom Michelle Calvó and her inseparable Fernando Tejero, respectively, presented their silver beacons.

The first recalled that in 1996 he also received his first award as an actor here with the short film ‘O matachín’ (The butcher) in what was his first work as a “very bad guy”, and the same happened to the Argentine 21 years ago with ‘El balancín de Iván’, at whose awards ceremony she was so nervous that she went blank, so today she wanted to laugh, more than two decades later, give thanks for that recognition that gave impetus to a career that had just begun.

The mayor of Alfasina, Vicente Arques, has highlighted that the film festival is the most important event for promoting tourism in this town, which, among other things, is known for hosting the largest colony of Norwegians outside of Norway in the world, and he has congratulated the three distinguished guests for becoming part of the ‘promenade of the stars’, along the beach of l’Albir.

Along the same lines, the President of the Provincial Council, Toni Pérez, agreed with the Mayor that the Albir promenade is “one of the most beautiful in the world”, and expressed his support for a festival that “is committed to culture, cinema and audiovisual production”.

Until the 14th, the XXXVI Festival de l’Alfàs is mainly focused on national cinema, although it also has an Original Version (VO) section with ‘Bull Run’, ‘El Último Verano’, ‘L’Àvia i el Foraster’, ‘Perfect Days’, ‘Puan’ or ‘Star Wars’.

Directed by Luis Larrodera, the highlights include sections such as the family film section with Cine al Carrer, and films such as ‘¡Salta!, Lilo’, ‘Mi Amigo el Cocodrilo’ or ‘Los Buenos Demonios’, as well as open-air screenings with Cine en la Villa Romana, where you can see titles such as ‘Buscando a Coque’, ‘Gran Turismo’ or ‘Bob Marley, la Leyenda’.

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