“It was tough”: Ferka reacts to Jorge Losa and Christian Estrada’s meeting on ‘La Isla’

“It was tough”: Ferka reacts to Jorge Losa and Christian Estrada’s meeting on ‘La Isla’
“It was tough”: Ferka reacts to Jorge Losa and Christian Estrada’s meeting on ‘La Isla’

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Mexico City.- The renowned actress and presenter, Ferkahas once again drawn attention for his sincere way of speaking and confessing to the public, as in the recent podcast in which he spoke about the topic of the moment, the so-called controversial reunion between her two ex-partners, the Spanish actor, Jorge Losaand the model, Christian Estradafor his participation in The Island: Greece and Türkiye Challengerevealing that his reaction It was a surprise and that “it was hard” to see.

Losa a few days away from ending his romantic relationship with Maria Fernanda Quirozapparently for having been unfaithful to her with the actress and presenter, Serrathjoined the aforementioned reality show, without even suspecting that the production had its own plans to raise tensions and generate more drama than it already generates on its own between the members, because they brought Estrada, who is the actress’s ex-fiancé and father of her son, Leonel Estrada Quiroz.

The moment of this meeting was a complete ‘bomb’ for those present, who are aware of this situation, and for the thousands of spectators, even in the environment one could notice the discomfort of several thinking about what could happen between the two former members of Warriors 2020Fortunately, everything started calmly, although there were some somewhat provocative comments from Christian.

Jorge and Christian in La Isla. TV Azteca

And now, after a couple of weeks of this unexpected situation, during his talk with Luis ‘El Potro’ Knightin the podcast he created, The PastureThe young actress revealed that when she found out about this, it was very hard for her to see how two of the most important men in her life were face to face and would have to face each other at some point during the physical tests that are being carried out, emphasizing that she does not plan to “let them go” as they say, because she cannot forget the one who was the father of her son, nor the man with whom she lived one of the most beautiful and healthy loves.

Finally, he stated that the play he made TV Azteca This is something she did not expect and never thought would happen, stating that she knew that Jorge would enter this reality show and then he left shortly after that separation happened, but she never knew that the producers would have the idea of ​​​​bringing them together, which is why she was truly surprised when she saw them, however, she did not mention if she has followed the program or if only what has been shared on social networks.

Source: Yaqui Tribune

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