Chispa: a tough rescue lasting several days with a happy ending

Chispa: a tough rescue lasting several days with a happy ending
Chispa: a tough rescue lasting several days with a happy ending

The story we are now telling you is an example of the dedication and commitment that the Avila Firefighters put into each of their outings. The protagonists are Chispa, a podenco cross of almost eleven years old, and Javier Jiménez, his owner.

On January 17th last year, Javi went hunting with his dog. But bad luck meant that Chispa got stuck in a set of rocks, with no way of getting out on her own or Javi being able to do so with his own means.

He tried, he tells us, but it was impossible. He admits that at first he didn’t want to call the Fire Department, thinking that the cost of the rescue would be too high. And that’s why during that first day he tried to free Chispa from her ‘prison’. But nothing could be further from the truth.

“She was frozen. You couldn’t even see her. You could only hear her complaining,” Javi recalls, recalling the anguish they both experienced during those hours of cold and uncertainty.

Finally, the next day, and due to the insistence of his daughters, the Ávila Firefighters appeared on the scene. They, Javi says, were finally able to see Chispa’s leg thanks to one of their powerful flashlights. “They hooked her up, but they weren’t able to get her out either. And there were four of them,” Javi continues with the story.

The hours of rescue work went by. And night fell again over the field. So it was necessary to return the next day. Javi, he says, thought that the Firefighters would not return. So he went to the farm with a ‘pick-up’ machine. And what was his surprise when he received a call from the park to tell him that they were going to return to help them.

“They came with one of those machines that they use to rescue people in traffic accidents,” Javi says emotionally as he recalls those hours of dedication by the officers. “It was incredible,” he says, and confesses that there was little hope of being able to get her out alive at that time.

Finally, and thanks to the tenacity of the entire team, they were able to see the dog. “They spent hours digging,” Javi continues, “and they even went to get another ‘pick-pick’ machine because mine had started to fail.”

At five o’clock in the afternoon on that second day of rescue, they could almost touch the animal, which was finally rescued at five o’clock in the afternoon.

“The truth is that it was a very complicated rescue,” Javi now sums up, sharing with us the emotion felt by both him and the firefighters who worked tirelessly to free Chispa. “Some even said that it had been their best rescue, the most emotional, and that it had served as experience for future occasions,” says this hunter, who now jokes saying that it seemed as if the rescuers had taken Asterix’s magic potion. “There is a real team of professionals here who love their job,” he applauds the dedication of these professionals, who did not hesitate to pose with Javi and Chispa after the rescue. By the way, Chispa came out thin and freezing cold. But without any visible wounds and after a while, she went out hunting again with her owner, who prepared a plaque for these dedicated firefighters as a thank you. “So that they will always remember this rescue,” he says goodbye.

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