Jerez music bands will liven up the Magna Mariana

Jerez music bands will liven up the Magna Mariana
Jerez music bands will liven up the Magna Mariana

Little by little, several of the different aspects that will make up the Magna Mariana Procession on October 12 and in this sense, some of the references that we will be able to enjoy in the run-up to it are also being defined.

From the The Union of Brotherhoods of Jerez would like to thank “the willingness shown by the city’s various musical groups, thanks to which the following programme has been drawn up.”

Announcing band

On Friday, October 11, on the eve of the Magna, an announcement will take place starring the Musical Group “The Sentence”which will start from Eguiluz Street to take the route in reverse of the Official Race that will be taken the following day, ending in Plaza de la Asunción where some more marches will be played.

The schedule of this The parade will be in the eveningalthough the final schedules for this band and the different processional transfers that will take place on that day are still pending.

The morning of October 12th

The first event on October 12 will be the procession of the Archconfraternity of Our Lady of the Rosary from the Convent of Santo Domingo and which will also feature music as the main protagonist.

To this end, three parades will be organised in the city’s nerve centre, which will target areas close to the temples where there will be the most people gathered in the afternoon.such as the Parish of San Miguel, the Church of San Franciscothe Convent of Santo Domingo and the Parish of Santiago.

In this way, one of the parades will end with a concert in Plaza del Arenal, another will end at the Puerta de los Claustros de Santo Domingo and the third will reach Plaza de Santiago, participating in these three musical events, the ‘San Juan’ Musical Group, the ‘Caridad’ Bugle and Drum Band and the ‘La Clemencia’ Musical Group.

The formula that will be used will be to take advantage of the end of each of the concerts, to start the next parade at the end and thus the public can move to the next point of interest musical, all of which will take place between 10:30 a.m. and 1:45 p.m.

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