Carlos Zambrano made a radical decision and revealed whether he will continue at Alianza Lima

Carlos Zambrano made a radical decision and revealed whether he will continue at Alianza Lima
Carlos Zambrano made a radical decision and revealed whether he will continue at Alianza Lima

At 34 years old, Carlos Zambrano has established himself as one of the best Peruvian defenders. Having a high performance in the Copa America 2024the defender now has to focus on Lima Alliance. Looking to become champions of the Liga 1The footballer commented that he has received proposals from abroad.

Remembering that on several occasions he has commented that his career in football is about to end, it seems that after the 2024 Copa América Carlos Zambrano He is now experiencing a new spring and the options abroad are tempting him: “I have received a call from my agent about a proposal abroad, but for the moment I am calm, to be honest. I had a few days off enjoying time with my family. Things are happening little by little, I am in no hurry for anything.”

Continuing along that line in his conversation with RPP Deportes, Carlos Zambrano He left a firm message about his continuity at Alianza Lima and revealed that he will stay until December: “I want to enjoy these last six months at Alianza Lima. I hope they continue to love me, because I had an uncomfortable moment at the beginning of the year as well. But the important thing is that I feel calm, I want to continue contributing to the club and try to fight for the title, which has become a bit complicated for us.”

Although a joker at all times, Carlos Zambrano He also expressed that perhaps for the right amount of money, he could leave Lima Alliance at the end of his contract: “You know that numbers bite you sometimes, so we are going to wait a little bit. Until the end of August there is movement in the Peruvian league, so we are going to wait.”

Zambrano playing for Alianza. (Photo: IMAGO)

Now Carlos Zambrano is focused on finishing his contract with Lima Alliance and see what happens next. Signing until December 2024, there are only three options: stay at La Victoria, go abroad or quit football. At 34, the defender is experiencing a second spring and may want to leave Peru again.

How long does Carlos Zambrano have a contract with Alianza Lima?

Carlos Zambrano has a contract with Alianza Lima until December 2024. Currently 34 years old, the defender announced that he is not thinking about Peru and that his retirement from professional football is near.

How much does Carlos Zambrano earn at Alianza Lima?

Carlos Zambrano earns 90 thousand dollars a month at Alianza Lima, according to Diario Trome. By signing for two seasons, the ‘Kaiser’ will have pocketed approximately 2 million 160 thousand dollars at the end of 2024.

Survey Should Alianza renew Zambrano’s contract?

Should Alianza renew Zambrano’s contract?

Yes, it is in perfect condition.

No, his salary is very high.


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