Ezequiel Paz: “The group is united and that is reflected on the pitch”

Ezequiel Paz: “The group is united and that is reflected on the pitch”
Ezequiel Paz: “The group is united and that is reflected on the pitch”

Atlético Villegas’ left back spoke in the hours before the crucial match against FC Bunge.

Starting off with a draw at home against Santa Rita left a bittersweet taste in the mouths of Atlético Villegas supporters. The recent winner of the Apertura suffered a lot, but also had several opportunities to take the three points.

One of the highlights of the duel against Lobo piedritense was Ezequiel Paz. The former Nueva Chicago player was decisive in attacking on the left flank, which is where La Academia’s goal was born. At the same time, he also played his defensive role perfectly.

In his first season with the colors of León, Paz has already scored three goals, which were vital in the team’s consecration. “I am very happy at the club. I feel comfortable with the squad we have because we all pull in the same direction,” said the player who came from Deportivo Merlo. “The unity we have as a group is highly valued and that is reflected on the field. We continue to keep the bar high. Now we are going for the Clausura,” he emphasized.

The full-back also spoke about his personal and group performance in the draw with Santa Rita: “Overall I think we played a good game. I felt comfortable attacking. It is something that comes naturally to me, although my priority is to defend. As for the game itself, we dominated the first half. Afterwards, they grew and made things difficult for us, although we never stopped trying. The result was fair,” said the former Nueva Chicago player.

Paz mentioned that winning the Apertura was a situation of extreme happiness because of the way things turned out: “We experienced it with a lot of drama. We had done our part but that didn’t guarantee us anything. Luckily the results played in our favor. It was a real movie ending,” he said.

To conclude, the defender mentioned the short-term objectives of the academic team: “This club demands that you win constantly. Our duty is to go out and play every game to the maximum, without underestimating anyone. We are clear that all the teams in the league want to beat us and that is a nice challenge for us,” he exclaimed.

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