A man collapsed and died in the street

A man collapsed and died in the street
A man collapsed and died in the street

The Saturday of intense commercial rhythm was interrupted in the late afternoon in The Silver following an episode that shocked those who were walking along one of the city’s central streets and saw a man collapse on the sidewalk, the victim of a breakdown that caused his death.

It all happened around 7 p.m., at 9 between 48 and 49, when the victim, a 78-year-old man whose identity has not yet been revealed, collapsed and no one could do anything to save his life.

Doctors of the SAME They arrived at the scene quickly, summoned through the alert on the 911 line, but the man’s situation was already irreversible.

Given this outcome, the entire area was cordoned off for the police to act. Policewho called the relatives of the victims who arrived at the scene amid scenes of grief.

man killed in 9 between 48 and 49 (4).jpg

Traffic in the center of La Plata had to be interrupted so that the police could act

Moment of tension in the heart of La Plata

Police sources indicated to 0221.com.arthat the man was with his daughter when the incident occurred and that he is not from the area but was walking through the place.

Although the cause of death will be determined by the expert examination, the initial conclusions of the doctors indicate that it was a heart attack and a history of illness cannot be ruled out.

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The sidewalk where the 78-year-old man died, on 9 between 48 and 49 in La Plata

As the minutes passed, a municipal patrol arrived at the area to cut off traffic at the corner of 9th and 49th, to prevent traffic from entering the area while waiting for a hearse to remove the body.

Those who were passing through the area, both on foot and by car, were surprised by the sad scene, since the body remained on the sidewalk for several hourscovered, meters from a mattress sales business.

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