They pay tribute to Mecano with ‘Stay in Madrid’

They pay tribute to Mecano with ‘Stay in Madrid’
They pay tribute to Mecano with ‘Stay in Madrid’

Fans of the Spanish group gathered at Casa Haas to enjoy the show by the 360 ​​Musical Theatre Company

Fans of the band Mecano gathered at Casa Haas to enjoy the performance “Stay in Madrid”, an exciting tribute to the musical work “HNMPL” by Ignacio Cano, where good humour and emotional melodies were the order of the day.

The famous “Bar 33” was recreated on stage, an iconic place where Mario worked and, as the tremendous story of “Cruz de navajas” says, he lost his life at the hands of his wife María’s lover when he discovered them one morning after a police raid at that place.

The show was directed by the 360 ​​Musical Theater Company, with a cast made up of Daniela Concha, Ixchel Concha, Manuel Rosales, Vanessa Leon, Arielle Crespo, Andrea Calleros, Claudia Peraza, Alejandra Ramirez, Flor Medina, Ricardo Maciel, Mayra Macias, Alicia Zamudio, Valeria Cota, Gabriela Ramirez, Mario Abreu, Christopher Quevedo, Paola Marroquin, Pedro Ibarra, Aleyda Flores, Victor Joel, Jesus Barraza and Electra Velarde.

Sticking to their musical theatre essence, they chose iconic songs like “Hijo de la Luna”, “Hoy no me puedo levantar”, “Barco a Venus”, “El 7 de septiembre”.

On the romantic side, we heard “Me cuesta tanto olvidarte”, “Una rosa es una rosa”, “Mujer contra mujer”, “Tu”, songs full of love and eroticism, which made the public participate by singing along to these unique songs.

In the end, just as the director of the play Mario Abreu predicted, “Quédate en Madrid” left the audience more than satisfied, who left feeling nostalgic but also singing, and remembering the beautiful pop music of the eighties.

Mecano was a Spanish pop group, pioneers of techno-pop, new wave and wave in Spain, active mainly between 1981 and 1992, a period to which must be added a brief reappearance for six and a half months in 1998.

It was formed by the singer Ana Torroja and the brothers Nacho and José María Cano.

Their unprecedented success in the world of Spanish-language music extended to all of Latin America, the United States and the Philippines, and resonated in countries outside of Spanish musical culture, such as Japan, Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Portugal and the Netherlands.

Throughout its history, it received 13 number one hits from 1982 to 1993, including its hits I Crashed into a Party, Makeup, It’s So Hard to Forget You, Cruz de Navajas, Son of the Moon, There’s No March in New York, September 7, The Force of Destiny, Slave Blues and Woman Against Woman, among others.

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