A journey through 5,000 square meters of emotion

Get ready to enter the Villapresente Laberintha monumental wonder that will leave all adventurers speechless! In the heart of Cantabria, lies this hidden but absolutely stunning gem. Created by Emilio Pérez, a visionary local pine seller, this gigantic labyrinth is undoubtedly the largest in all of Spain, attracting thousands of visitors thirsty for excitement and nature since its opening in April 2017.

Imagine a sprawling complex of 5,000 square meterspopulated by none other than 4,000 majestic pines two and a half metres high. The creation of this monumental labyrinth was no easy task, but thanks to community collaboration and Emilio’s tireless dedication, it is now a reality that captivates all who dare to explore it.

An adventure without limits

The Villapresente Labyrinth is not just another attraction; it is an experience in itself. Designed to challenge and entertain, the tour can take you from 30 minutes to an hour and a halfdepending on the adventurer’s ability to find the way out. For some, it is an opportunity to test their navigational skills, while for others, it represents an exciting challenge full of patience and fun.

Entrance is accessible to all: adults only 4 euroschildren from 7 to 12 years old by 3 eurosand free entry for children under 6 years old. In addition, groups of 20 people or more enjoy a special price of 3 euros per person.

Are you lost? Don’t worry!

Although getting lost in the labyrinth is part of the challenge, help is always available. Emilio Pérez and his daughter are always willing to guide lost visitors, thanks to their intimate knowledge of the labyrinth’s layout. This personalized attention has made the Villapresente Labyrinth a favorite among tourists, guaranteeing a memorable experience for all.

Located in the picturesque town of Villapresente, in the municipality of Reocín, Cantabria, this labyrinth not only offers excitement, but also the natural beauty of the Saja River that runs through the town. With approximately 1,300 inhabitantsVillapresente is located close to the popular tourist destinations of Santillana del Mar and Suances, attracting tourists eager for adventure and relaxation.

Live the adventure in Cantabria

The Villapresente Labyrinth perfectly combines the nature of Cantabria with an adventure and challenge experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Since its creation by Emilio Pérez, it has been a magnet for visitors looking for something more than just a common walk. Whether you are an expert in orienteering or simply looking for a different experience with the family, the Villapresente Labyrinth promises an unforgettable adventure.

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