Mirtha Legrand answered who was for her the best president of Argentina and who was the worst

Mirtha Legrand answered who was for her the best president of Argentina and who was the worst
Mirtha Legrand answered who was for her the best president of Argentina and who was the worst

Mirtha said who was for her the best and the worst president of Argentina: “Macri disappointed me” (Video: La noche de Mirtha, El Trece)

“Who was, who was the best president from 83 to today?” Luis Novaresio surprised Mirtha Legrand in her last program. The question served for the host to review some of the most prominent names of the first leaders that the country had, among which appeared Fernando de la Rúa, Carlos Menem, Raul Alfonsin it is included Javier Miley.

When asked who she considered to be the best president, the host was blunt. “Menem,” she replied, before giving the reasons for her choice. “Because he managed the country very well. He led it very well. Argentina was beautiful,” she said, ending by highlighting the manners of the former president who died in 2021.

“Also, because he came and greeted everyone in the kitchen. Not because he was good, but because he was a demagogue, but he did it very well. He went to the kitchen and greeted everyone. He was grateful that they had served him well. Those things stay with me. They always stay with me,” he explained. “Not because of that he was the best, but I consider that it was a good government,” he affirmed.

But the journalist did not stop there. “Now comes the evil. Who was the worst?” he asked, at which point the host took a few seconds to think. “Who could it have been?” she said out loud, while recalling. “De la Rúa. It was not good,” she answered, referring to the government of Fernando de la Rúa which ended with its downfall in the so-called 2001 crisis.

Carlos Menem with television host Mirtha Legrand (Credit: Daniel Vides)

At that moment, the host asked María Eugenia Vidal, who was a guest, for her opinion and she singled out Mauricio Macri. “Obviously because of my membership in the PRO and because I am part of that team. I believe that Mauricio’s government will be valued for a long time as a great government of democracy,” said the former governor of the province of Buenos Aires.

“I also liked Alfonsín, even though he did not do well financially, he took a step of enormous courage with the Trial of the Juntas that we all have to recognize. The worst, without a doubt, was the last one,” said the national deputy, referring to Alberto Fernández.

At that time, the host had a strong disagreement. “Mauricio disappointed me. I supported him a lot. Then, with the bills that went up so much… That’s when the collapse came. It’s a shame,” said Mirtha, referring to the rates for the services.

Mauricio Macri with his wife Juliana Awada with Mirtha Legrand

“He invited me to lunch one day at the Government House and I went with Nacho Viale, with my grandson. I told him ‘the bills are terrible, people can’t pay them’. He told me that we couldn’t continue like this. The country’s loss was very great. And well, that’s where the failure began. What a shame,” he said.

Novaresio continued. “Today, seven months into Javier Milei’s government, do you love him a lot, a little or not at all? Do you like him a lot, a little or not at all?” she asked. “Don’t put me in this position,” said the host, smiling. In the end, true to her style, she ended up answering.

“At times I like him and at times I don’t. I don’t like him saying so many bad words. I find it very unpleasant to have a president who swears and who interferes so much with journalism. He lets journalism do its work in peace. He intervenes too much. He lets you act, and lets everyone have their opinion as they want. We are in a democracy. Let me say what I think and don’t condemn me for it,” he said.

Mirtha Legrand welcomed Javier Milei on her show

The diva then continued with her criticism. “Today there is freedom. The rulers get angry when you don’t praise them, when you criticize them and it bothers them. No. I am an actress and a presenter and I am also criticized. Well, I don’t occupy the place of a politician, but there are people who have a different opinion, totally different,” she indicated.

Emboldened, the diva continued. “There are people who get along with governments right away and they have that ease. They have already gotten along with the government in power. But governments ban things. I have been banned three times by different governments… Even by radicalism. It’s not that they banned me, no, but all the channels and everything else were in the hands of the State. So, they didn’t hire me,” she recalled.

“The military banned me and took me off the air. It was because people weren’t eating and I was eating on the air. Well, it’s your responsibility to feed people, not mine. It’s you who have to feed them, but it was always for stupid reasons. It was unpleasant. I was absent from television for more than ten years. People don’t remember,” he concluded.

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