“We are close to a resolution,” said Minister Luis Petri

“We are close to a resolution,” said Minister Luis Petri
“We are close to a resolution,” said Minister Luis Petri


The disappearance of Loan Peña The case caused a strong impact, with society awaiting the 23-day search for the 13-year-old boy, whose trail disappeared after a family lunch in the Corrientes area known as El Algarrobal. The case was discussed in an interview even by President Javier Milei, who said last week that all hypotheses were open. And now the Minister of Defense, Luis Petri, has added his opinion, who in a conversation with TN said: “We are close to knowing what actually happened.” He also indicated his conviction that “the pact of silence” between the detainees will be broken.

The ministry under his charge had been involved in this case, by providing a large contingent of soldiers to collaborate in the search for the five-year-old boy. In those initial days of the search, when the hypothesis of the provincial prosecutor’s office pointed to the case of a boy lost in the woods, Minister Petri ordered that personnel from the 12th Engineer Battalion of Goya participate in the search, in an action that forms part of the subsidiary missions of the Armed Forces, such as support to the community in emergencies.

These military aid tasks continued until the investigation turned to a possible kidnapping for human trafficking purposes. And in that hypothesis, the main accused is Carlos Pérez, a retired Navy captain. And in reference to this theory of the case, Minister Petri commented: “Between the expert reports, the results of which will be known in the next few days, such as in the van, plus the telephone reports, the contradictions and the calls for questioning, it seems to me that we are close to a resolution and to knowing what actually happened.”

In this regard, he added: “The key is in the phones. And the truth is that the expert reports that the Gendarmerie and the Federal Police carry out when examining phones are very good and will give the results that one expects to map out what happened that day. Not only the previous calls but fundamentally the callers after Loan disappeared.”

After deciding to arrest Laudelina Peña, the seventh person charged with Loan’s disappearance, the federal judge of Goya, Cristina Elizabeth Pozzer Penzo, decided last night to extend the confidentiality of the summary until the 15th of this month. During this period, investigators can advance in different measures of proof without giving the parties access to the evidence that is accumulating, while waiting to consolidate the case and the accusations.

“We are under a confidential investigation, a lot of evidence is being collected and we have 10 more days. That’s 10 consecutive days. I can’t give any more details,” said the federal magistrate at the end of the investigation of the aunt of the boy who disappeared on June 13.

The federal judge of Goya extended the confidentiality of the summaryMarcelo Manera / Special Envoy

Judge Pozzer Penzo thus upheld the decision of the federal prosecutor of Goya, Mariano de Guzmán, and the special prosecutors of the Office of the Attorney General for Trafficking and Exploitation of Persons, Marcelo Colombo and María Alejandra Mángano, who investigated Laudelina the day before yesterday, after accusing her of the abduction and concealment of her nephew.

After answering questions, the woman was arrested and yesterday she was transferred to the federal penitentiary complex in Ezeiza. “The prosecution reported that the evidence allows for establishing sufficient grounds to suspect that the conduct imputed to (Laudelina) Peña corresponds, in principle, with her possible participation in a maneuver to abduct and conceal the child Loan Peña, without losing sight of the fact that the alleged act could have occurred in a context of organized or complex criminality, and as part of an alleged federal crime,” was reported on the official news portal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Despite the charges, the case is still being processed with a preliminary investigation of illicit activity. While waiting for the results of key expert reports, the federal judge of Goya seeks to take advantage of the confidentiality of the summary to accumulate evidence and define the accusation.


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