He ran over his son in a tragic accident and now he helps other parents who suffer the worst pain

Lolo received a strong blow to the head and was rushed to the Evita Hospital with the child’s father, Leonardo Meter, where they were unable to save the baby’s life, who suffered a stroke as a result of the accident. “The days that followed were of absolute darkness,” Celeste said in an interview with El Diario Sur.

“We didn’t understand how a child could die. It was an immeasurable sadness, because those first hours pass without him and you realize that you will never be able to kiss him, hug him, or take care of him again, and that reality brings pain and suffering,” said the woman about the nightmare she lived with her husband in the same house in Lanús where the tragic accident occurred.

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Celeste and Leonardo with their 3-year-old son Apollo.

“We never consciously realized that we were facing the pain as a decision, it was an animal instinct for survival, because we felt like we were dying every minute, we felt like the body could not resist any longer, and in that state the body seeks its own means, the head goes into shock to slowly incorporate the new reality,” said Celeste.

In the midst of such terrible pain, both she and her husband began to make contact with other parents who had already gone through the loss of a child, and that helped them get through the difficult time. That is how they gradually joined the Renacer group, which is made up of parents who lost their children and help each other to get through it. “There we learned the path of pure love, all the parents who come to the group come with two things in common, suffering and love, the group works on love for children,” said Celeste, who is part of the local branch of the group.

“There is a very short path from the head to the heart. At first, everything that happened is in your head, like a drill, and you can’t stop thinking about it, from the most painful thing you saw to the happiest memories, that child occupies your entire head. Then you learn to get him out of your head 24/7 and that the only place for that child to be is in your heart. When you achieve that journey, peace floods in, many of those things are learned in the group,” the woman pointed out.

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“Giving help wherever it is becomes a necessity,” said Celeste, who together with her husband Leonardo created the Instagram page @mundoaloloadook, which was created to carry out charitable actions every December 9, Lolo’s birthday. “In this matter of sharing what happens to us, many moms and dads write to us, and we tell them where we went or what was good for us, not so that they do the same, but so that they know the thousands of ways there are to reconnect with life,” concluded the neighbor.

“My son Apollo and I talk about everything with truth and love”

Nine months after Lolo’s death, Celeste and Leonardo decided to become parents again. They named him after the Greek god of light, who adopts Chiron, a figure from Greek mythology who is associated with healing.

“Our second son is very small, he is 3 years old, but at home we always try to name what happened, to remember Lolo with the best anecdotes, those that make us laugh, so that he knows that he left us with no fears, he left us with memories of a short but beautiful life,” Celeste said.

“There are photos at home and he loves to ask where we were in those photos and always ends by saying: “And now Lolo is in heaven.” We tell him that Lolo is something very important in our lives, and he often feels the need to tell us that he has a brother,” the woman concluded.

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