Do you know what ‘LAT’ couples are? We tell you why this trend is gaining popularity in Spain

Relationships are a complicated path full of difficulties. But some people are starting to explore alternative options. We talk about LAT couples and tell you what they are about.

Living as a couple poses a series of challenges that are not always easy to overcome. Although at first everything seems like a fairy tale and you enjoy those afternoons of Netflix, sofa and blanket as if they were the most exciting plans you have ever made, the passage of time and living together wears you down. And suddenly one day you discover that the person who was the closest thing to perfection you had ever known He has a lot of quirks and habits that you find terribly irritating.

This is a story that is repeated more often than we think. Now, is it enough to break the relationship? There will be those who think one thing or the opposite, but there is also another group of people who, instead of focusing on the problem, focus on the solution, and have found a way to solve this situation by applying a creative formula. They are what we call LAT couples.

What are LAT couples?

LAT stands for the acronym in English for “Living Apart Together”, something that we could translate as “living together, but separated.” That is, they are Couples who are considering a long-term relationship with a view to the future, but whose plans do not include living togetherThey believe that keeping separate addresses allows them to overcome this problem of wear and tear, and that in this way friction is reduced and the couple has a better chance of staying alive and in good emotional health.

This is a formula that doesn’t fit with what we usually see around us. And we all know that going outside the norm is something that many people find difficult. But stop for a moment to think about it and you’ll see that it’s not at all crazy. Each of the two has their own individual space, which they can share sometimes, but for a limited time. In this way, the good times are experienced more frequently, since you have the chance to miss your partner, you value their presence more by not being with you 24/7, and you don’t have to put up with all their quirks that get on your nerves.

A global trend


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Perhaps because problems of coexistence are not exclusive to one culture, but occur in all of them, The phenomenon of LAT couples is not limited to a specific geographical area, but can be observed in many parts of the world.. Although there are conditions, such as living in a more conservative or more advanced society, or the degree of independence enjoyed by the woman, which evidently do make LAT couples more or less frequent.

In any case, it is an alternative worth considering, as it offers flexibility and balance in the relationship, largely eliminating the root cause of the vast majority of disagreements: daily cohabitation and the wear and tear it produces. Boyfriends forever? Why not?

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