Begoña del Teso: Review of ‘Blondi’: Everyone is, we are, fine

Begoña del Teso: Review of ‘Blondi’: Everyone is, we are, fine
Begoña del Teso: Review of ‘Blondi’: Everyone is, we are, fine

True, it has had five nominations in three international festivals and has always remained a finalist, but it is also true, a joyful truth, that for many days of the last Zinemaldia it was the absolute favourite of the Young Jury. Until another ‘outsider’ appeared, another ‘hidden’ one, the no less wonderful ‘The Blue Star’ by Javier Macipe, and in the last sprint he snatched the trophy from him in good faith.

First, magnificent and treacherous scene, Blondi (big, so big, very big Dolores Fonzi, the actress from ‘La cordillera’ or ‘Paulina’) wakes up in a bed next to a young man. She gets dressed and starts walking through the house where, it is clear, there was a party the night before. There are empty bottles, full ashtrays and more young people sleeping everywhere. Blondi goes out to the street and gets into the car, her second home. She lights a joint, starts the car and goes to do surveys in a working-class neighborhood…



  • Address:
    Dolores Fonzi.

  • Script:
    Dolores Fonzi, Laura Paredes.

  • Photography:
    Javier Julia.

  • Music:
    Peter Osuna.

  • Interpreters:
    Dolores Fonzi, Toto Rovito, Carla Peterson, Rita Cortese, Leonardo Sbaraglia.

  • Cine:
    Trueba. 80m.

That’s all I can say. You don’t need to know any more. Until you’ve made the wise decision to buy a ticket for this piece of film, so wisely constructed, staged and carried out not only by Dolores Fonzi and his co-writer who also acts (in that limitless adventure called ‘La flor’) but also by the actresses who play Blondi’s mother and sister. And by Toto Rovito, who plays his son. It is, by far, the most enjoyable film on the billboard. From that first scene to the final one, when we start climbing the sculpture of a soldier liberating lands and men.

The film smells, for 80 minutes, of marijuana and rock. Both. Of the highest quality, I swear. It has a bitter touch that suits it well (don’t many cocktails add a bit of Angostura?). The Velvet is playing. The Minor Leagues are playing…

It’s solid. Enjoyable. Fun. It has a road movie inside. It’s proletarian. It reminds me of ‘Afertsun’. But here there is more light. It’s our movie.

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