Clash between President Petro and Caribbean leaders

Red Hot There is controversy over the statements made by President Gustavo Petro against the leaders of the Colombian Caribbeanfor not making viable projects that allow the generation of energy with renewable sources.

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Mayors and Governors from the region have expressed their rejection of the statements made by the head of state and highlighted the actions they have implemented to find solutions to the energy crisis, due to high energy rates.

Dumek Turbaymayor of Cartagena, was one of the first to speak out and made a series of clarifications to the president before his “disobliging statements”. He recalled that since January actions have been taken to respond to the tariff crisis that is being experienced in the The Caribbean Regionsuch as the call for the ‘Fair Tariffs for the Caribbean’ summit of leaders.

“Mayors and governors of the region reflect on the situation of the high energy rates which were rising – and continue to rise – month after month in the Caribbean. We issued a joint document with 7 proposals“said the mayor of the capital of Bolívar.

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He also referred to the accusations of “being on the payrolls of Air-e and Afinia”, being emphatic that “we have been requesting EPM and the Craig to be part of the solution, because it seems that they are not interested in the matter.”

He also indicated that “it seems that they are not interested in the matter, who knows why. Do you know what is the worst? That we are tied up, because the excessive centralization prevents us from being able to reach our territories take decisions that only Bogotá should take action to provide real and definitive solutions to the problem.”

He emphasized that “from the Caribbean we are ready and prepared to fulfill your call for energy transition”. And in the same sense he questioned “what is the commitment to?” National government. Don’t shift responsibilities to those who do not correspond.”

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To its turn, Hugo Kerguelenmayor of Montería, assured that they have expressed “determined” support for the energy transition. He stressed that in his Development Plan the first step was taken towards the creation of a company services public with a focus on that transition.

“We are also structuring the installation of solar panels in 35 municipal buildings. In addition, we are developing the project for the construction of a 3 MW solar farm, all without help from the National Government,” he emphasized.

The president asked for greater support from the Nation to fulfill this purpose: “We want more energy projects, but we need contributions royal of the national government.”

Along the same lines, he indicated that “we know that these solutions focus on the long term and that citizens need a decrease in rates today. The deadline you gave to assume the tariff option It happened several weeks ago. When will it happen?

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