Amelia Corominas García: «Music accompanies me in every moment of my life»

Sunday, July 7, 2024, 07:51

The president of the Official College of Nursing of the Region of Murcia is in love with India, the novels of García Márquez and the escapulinas of Cehegín.

  1. Book
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’

“I was struck by the story of the family and the dialogue we maintain with our ancestors even when they are no longer with us. It is a novel that provokes a deep questioning of values ​​and patterns.”

  1. Song

    ‘Live life’

«I really like music and it accompanies me in every moment of my life, and it is difficult for me to choose just one song. Maybe I’ll stick with ‘Viva la vida’ by Coldplay, because it’s a song that always cheers me up.»

  1. Movie
    Jon Avnet

    ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’

“It deals with female complicity in coping with very difficult situations in life… among others, the mistreatment of one of the main characters. I saw it many years ago, and I remember it as a story full of emotions.”

  1. Favorite Corner

    Lake Pichola in Udaipur

«There is nothing like enjoying a sunset on the lake in Udaipur or Pushkar, breathing in peace and beauty. Of all the destinations I have visited, my favourite is India. I have been there twice and would go back without hesitation.»

  1. Tapa
    The Barandica, Cehegin

    Spicy pork escapulinas

«For tapas, I’ll stick with the escapulinas from La Barandica in Cehegín, to enjoy the moment with my family or friends any day of the week, with a cold beer and good conversation.»

  1. Red social
    Personal use


«Pinterest is my favourite network, because it is a source of inspiration and creativity. Social networks, when used well, are fantastic, and allow you to meet people with the same interests as you, to connect with people that would otherwise be impossible.»

  1. Serie
    4 seasons

    ‘The village’

“I laughed a lot with ‘El Pueblo’, it’s a Spanish series that makes a very good social critique, reflecting many of the miseries and greatness of our society through humor.”

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