This is what the long-awaited meteor shower will look like this July

This is what the long-awaited meteor shower will look like this July
This is what the long-awaited meteor shower will look like this July

A few months ago, countries like Mexico, the United States and Canada witnessed one of the most impressive astrological phenomena of the year (and of the decade): a solar eclipse that darkened the central part of these countries for a few minutes. Although if you are from Barcelona you will have to wait until March 2025 to try to witness a partial eclipse, this summer if you look up you will also be able to enjoy it. One of the most anticipated astrological shows of the summer.

Like every year, during The Perseids will light up the sky during the first half of August with one of the most magical meteor showers of the year. But to see stars you won’t have to wait until August, but, like every year, Starting next July 12, the Delta Aquariid meteor shower will be visible from some parts of CataloniaAlthough this meteor shower is best seen in the southern hemisphere of the planet, it can also be detected from the north, but with less intensity.

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According to experts, this year’s Delta Aquariids will reach Its peak is on Tuesday, July 30, with a frequency of 25 meteors/hour.which means that the probability of being able to see more than one is quite high. Last year, the rain coincided with the waxing moon, a phase that made visibility more difficult and that will not vary too much this year either, since this year’s rain will coincide with The full moon of July 24thwhich is why you will have to take advantage of the first hours of the night to see the stars.

What exactly are the Delta Aquariids?

The Delta Aquariids are particles from the comet 96P Machholz which enter the Earth in parallel at high speed and, when they come into contact with our atmosphere, they burn up and become meteors, which are what we see from Earth and are called shooting stars. And if they come from the comet 96P Machholz, where does its name come from? The name of the shower comes from your radiantwhich refers to the point in the sky from which it appears to come, It is located in the constellation of Aquarius very close to one of the brightest stars in the constellation, Delta Aquarius.

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