Turismo Carretera, TC Pista and Formula 2 heated up the Saturday session in Posadas – Eldopolis

Turismo Carretera, TC Pista and Formula 2 heated up the Saturday session in Posadas – Eldopolis
Turismo Carretera, TC Pista and Formula 2 heated up the Saturday session in Posadas – Eldopolis

After 113 races in Turismo Carretera, the driver from Arrecifes, Nicolás Trosset, aboard the Ford Mustang that is served by the MV Racing team, achieved his first “pole position” and will start from the best place on the grid in the first series that the TC will complete this Sunday from 10.05 am for the 8th Round of the 2024 championship of the category.

Trosset was the great dominator of the day, as he was the fastest in each of the training sessions and knew how to balance his Ford Mustang to obtain the best lap in the qualifying session.

Second, with a Chevrolet Camaro, Marcos Quijada, who finished at 048/1000; third, Julian Santero from Mendoza, who is debuting a Ford Mustang at: 141/1000; fourth, Diego Ciantini, now with a Chevrolet Camaro, at 141/1000; fifth, Jose Manuel Urcera, Ford Mustang at 189/1000; and sixth, Juan José Ebarlin, Chevrolet Camaro at 216/1000 to complete a sextet of new generation cars.

With the result of the qualifying session, the TC continues to make history, as it will be the first time that the three series will be launched, prior to the final, with new generation vehicles on the front row of each of them.

Tomorrow, Turismo Carretera will complete the development of the three selective series to order the grid for the final that will be run from 12:55 p.m. on the 4.370 km of the Misiones racetrack and in the first row of the initial series will be Trosset and Ciantini, a Mustang and a Camaro, in the second: Quijada and Urcera, a Camaro and a Mustang and in the third: Santero and Ebarlin, a Mustang and a Camaro.

TC PISTA: Chevrolet and Torino head to head

In the final of the 8th round of the TC Pista, a Chevrolet and a Torino will face each other on the first row 1. Matías Canapino, with a Chevy, won the fastest series and will start from the best position on the starting grid. Ignacio Faín, with the Toro, will do the same from the start of the race.

In qualifying, Diego Azar, with a Toyota that is under his own structure, won both practices and also took pole. The driver from Del Viso was the fastest with a time of 1:35.400 and achieved his first pole position in the category after 38 rounds.

Mairú starts the Formula 2 final from 10th position

Missionary Mairú Herrera Ahuad placed 10th in the Prefinal of the 4th date of Formula 2 before a large crowd.

The Posadas native, with a car from Aimar Motorsport and with the technical assistance of Dital Fórmula, began the day with two practice sessions that saw her placed 11th, seeking to adapt to the new car and the new power.

At the time of qualifying, the Posadas native clocked 1m42s150/1000 for the best lap of the 4370-metre track and finished in 10th position. Pole went to Brian Massa.

In the afternoon, Mairú went out to run the Prefinal and from tenth position she started with the aim of advancing, but in the first laps the sequential gearbox, which the Posadas native was driving for the first time, began to have a problem in the second gear and that is why she had trouble in the slow sectors. Despite this, Mairú was able to complete the race in 10th position. The winner was the Neuquén driver Valentín Jara.

“We are still getting to know the car, it is totally different from the ones I had been driving. In practice I had a hard time getting used to the accelerator, which we solved in qualifying, but in the pre-final a problem appeared in the gearbox, it was hard for me to put it in second, so I ended up doing the slow corners in third. The positive thing is that we were able to finish within the top 10.”the missionary concluded.

The final will take place on Sunday from 9.20 am and will last 10 laps or 20 minutes maximum and can be watched on Deportv.

A great show is coming up, in a venue that is packed and that in its particular layout receives the Turismo Carretera, the TC Pista and the Formula 2, on a Sunday, which according to the weather forecast, will be cloudy and cool.

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