Moody’s reaffirmed Bogota’s investment grade

Moody’s Ratings has reaffirmed Bogotá DC’s international rating, giving it a Baa2 rating in its 2024 annual review, allowing the city to maintain its investment grade. This assessment highlights the financial strength and soundness in the administration and governance of the District’s credit profile.
Moody’s Ratings, one of the leading global credit rating agencies, stressed that the District’s liquidity position is adequate and highlighted the city’s economic diversity, which ensures that 65% of Bogotá’s total revenues come from its own resources. The agency also noted that the District’s debt, both direct and indirect, is sustainable in relation to its total revenues, even with the considerable investment in transportation infrastructure planned for the coming years.
“This rating granted by Moody’s Ratings demonstrates the soundness of the District’s finances, based on the structure of its income, the low dependence on transfers from the National Government and an adequate management of the debt, which results in the District’s capacity to comfortably meet all its debts,” explained Ana María Cadena, District Secretary of Finance.

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