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Andrés Cepeda returns to a first love and relives their story in “Café,” the first single from the Colombian artist’s upcoming album, titled “Bogotá.”

“This song comes with the question, what happens if I look for you after so many years? Because I want to go back to that café, I want to talk to you, give you that kiss that started it all, and that’s why I look for you. I don’t know who you’re with, but I want to sing you that song and remind you of the love we had,” Cepeda says.

It was 1995 and the group Poligamia released their second album “Vueltas y Vueltas”. In fact, almost three decades have passed since the band led by Andrés Cepeda included the song “Fue Solo Amor” in that musical compendium, a lyric that tells the kind of stories that are usually the identity of many, but that only a few can tell.

“Fue Solo Amor” is a heartfelt lyric that refers to the nostalgia of first love, the one that fades away quickly, leaving in the air the longing that revives particularly on Sunday afternoons with an obligatory thought of the place they shared.

The song is gaining strength in this time after the decision of the Bogota singer-songwriter to take up that story again to continue from “El Café” in his next album and complete 15 studio albums.

With the song “El Café”, Andrés Cepeda resumes the story that was left unfinished three decades ago, but that appeals to the hope of a possible reunion to continue, even without knowing what has happened in the meantime. With specific phrases from the previous lyrics, the new proposal invites us to relive that love.

Inevitably, a bridge is built in space and lyrics in those two songs, something that an artist like Andrés Cepeda can achieve, since he has maintained creative coherence throughout his prolific career.

The album “Bogotá” is a project that the artist has been preparing and that follows the path of Décimo Cuarto, presented the previous year and which earned him his fourth Latin Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Album.

Currently, in addition to going through the recording studio, the singer-songwriter from Bogotá completed one of his most important tours, the Tengo Ganas Tour, which reached important stages in the United States, positioning him in a market that is so demanding due to the quality of his performances.

Cepeda, on the other hand, is preparing a new tour of Colombia, including cities he had never visited before. With the tour Nuestra Vida en Canciones, Cepeda will make a stop in his country with a series of concerts that commemorate his musical history and will close with a flourish on December 13 with a concert at the majestic Nemesio Camacho El Campín stadium in his native Bogotá.

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