Baldur’s Gate 3’s weird dialogue is actually a huge spoiler right at the start of the game

Baldur’s Gate 3’s weird dialogue is actually a huge spoiler right at the start of the game
Baldur’s Gate 3’s weird dialogue is actually a huge spoiler right at the start of the game


  • Uncommon dialogue in Baldur’s Gate 3 hints at a major plot twist, with exploration rewarding players with crucial plot clues.
  • A dead fisherman can be spoken to near the beginning of the game.
    talk to the dead
  • The story of the dead fisherman serves as a warning against trusting beautiful strangers, foreshadowing the Emperor’s true nature.

A first dialogue in Baldur’s Gate 3It may hint at one of the game’s biggest twists later in its second act, but most players won’t have heard it. Baldur’s Gate 3 It offers so many different people to talk to and so many ways to talk to them that it can be overwhelming. Add to that Dungeons and Dragons spells like Talking to animalsand suddenly even random squirrels become potential conversation partners. However, Small snippets of rare dialogue discovered by players show that taking the time to explore each option can give players some important plot clues.

A particular fragment of a rare dialogue of Baldur’s Gate 3The first open area has some players scratching their heads. It’s left somewhat vague and there are a few answers that would seemingly fit with what these lines could mean. However, with a bit of supposed data mining, players believe They have discovered this Baldur’s Gate 3 mystery, and could spoil a major plot twist for later in the game.


“An iconic and engaging blend of brilliant ideas”: Baldur’s Gate 3 review

Baldur’s Gate 3 has an imposing stature and its best moments are truly memorable, but some initial issues with scale suggest an uneven experience.

A dead fisherman warns the player that mind flayers can shapeshift.

Mind Flayers take humanoid form in one of the game’s biggest twists

On the beach where the Nautiloid crashes, players can find the corpse of a fisherman. If they talk to him using the talk to the dead spell, he will tell them about a beautiful woman who led people to the west against their will. Initially, players argued over who this person could be, with players naming possibilities like Shadowheart or Minthara. However, according to Reddit user pjennnse they datamined the game and found the following synopsis of the conversation:

“You speak to the dead soul of a fisherman, who rushed to the scene of the accident when he saw your boat falling from the sky. At the scene he saw a mind flayer, disguised as a beautiful woman, and was killed by Intellect (Brain) Eaters.”

It turns out that the mysterious and beautiful woman was meant to be a mind flayer, which would explain why she was being followed without a doubt. This mysterious mind flayer probably led people to use not only her disguise, but also her powerful control over their minds. According to what the fisherman says about the “beautiful woman”You see, it is also possible for players to encounter this mind flayer themselves. If they are not careful, they can also fall victim to it. Later on, there will be other mind flayers who will try to trick the player in the same way.

A manipulative Mind Flayer attempts to seduce Baldur’s Gate 3 players

This takes place at the Nautiloid crash site in Act 1

Baldur’s Gate 3 was in Early Access for an extended period before its full release in August 2023. During that time, many important elements of the game were very different from how they appeared in the final version. A major change was made to the Nautiloid crash site, where players encounter this dead fisherman.

In Early Access, players would encounter two fishermen who were mind-controlled into believing that an injured mind flayer was a fisherman’s daughter. This moment was a bit of a hit with players using the paladin class, as failing a skill check during the quest would result in them accidentally breaking their paladin oath early in their career. While the fishermen were removed after Early Access, there is still an injured mind flayer among the wreckage of the Nautiloid, and he will similarly attempt to manipulate the player.

Players who speak to this trapped mind flayer will find that it alters their emotions. Players may even feel the urge to kiss the mind flayer. if they fail their ability score checks. This mind flayer is found right after some intellect devourers, which are probably the “brainsThe dead fisherman claims to have killed him. This means that the “beautiful woman“This is probably referring to this wounded mind flayer.

Learning early on that mind flayers can disguise their true form could be a big spoiler for the later parts of Baldur’s Gate 3. After all, hayAnother stranger the players will encounter, whose identity must remain a mystery. in the early hours of the game. Already suspecting that this character is a mind flayer, players may be in for a major reveal.

The Fisherman’s Story Helps Players Guess The Guardian Twist

The Dream Guardian turns out to be a mind flayer

After speaking with their mysterious guardian for a large portion of the game, players discover that their guardian is a disguised mind flayer known as the Emperor. Through dialogue with the player’s companions it is implied that the Emperor takes the form of someone each individual would find beautiful. That means This snippet of dialogue early in the game could easily serve as a clue that this beautiful stranger they’re talking to isn’t what she appears to be.However, although some believe that the fisherman could be referring to the Emperor himself, that is not the case.


Hilarious BG3 Moment Captures The Emperor’s True Priorities And It’s Not What You Think

Baldur’s Gate 3 is filled with surprisingly advanced dialogue, but one line from the Emperor will change the way you look at them, given everything they’ve seen.

It doesn’t really make sense for the Emperor to lead the people west as the fisherman describes. At this point in the game, The Emperor has already entered the Astral Plane using the prism stolen by Shadowheart and is working to ensure that anyone who receives a tadpole aboard the Nautiloid does not become a mind flayer. It makes much more sense for the “beautiful woman”to actually be the wounded mind flayer trying to trick the player into freeing him.

Although the dead fisherman does not explicitly criticize the Emperor for being a mind flayer, Her story serves as an important clue for players to discover the true identity of her guardian.The fisherman’s tale warns players not to rely on guidance from beautiful strangers. Much like the mind flayer in the Nautiloid crash that took place before him, the Emperor is using the same shape-shifting tactics to ingratiate himself with the player. Similarly, the Emperor’s motives may not be as good as they seem.

The fate of the fisherman serves as a warning against trusting the emperor

The third act reveals the emperor’s true colors

While the Emperor initially appears to be trying to help the player defeat the Netherbrain, it is later revealed that the mind flayer’s only true goal is to ensure his own survival. If players choose to free Orpheus, The Emperor will immediately turn against them. and join the Netherbrain. Though he would prefer to live free of the brain’s control, it quickly becomes apparent that this is not out of any sense of morality, but rather a desire to retain his freedom at the expense of Orpheus’s.

The Emperor is not a hero; like the mind flayer on the beach, he is simply trying to manipulate the player into carrying out his plan. The fact that this is all telegraphed by the small side story of a dead fisherman at the start of the game is a testament to the level of detail in Baldur’s Gate 3The narrative.

Source: pjennn/Reddit

Baldur’s Gate 3

Developed and published by Larian Studios, Baldur’s Gate 3 is an upcoming RPG set to release in August 2023. Players will create a character to embark on a large-scale journey and can do so alone or in cooperation with a friend. This time, combat is turn-based.

PC , macOS , PS5 , Xbox Serie X
August 3, 2023
Larian Studios
Larian Studios
M for Mature: Blood and gore, partial nudity, sexual content, strong language, violence
Number of players
Split screen orientation
Only vertical
Local cooperative support
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