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What is an emergency landing? How can you prepare for one without fear?

What is an emergency landing? How can you prepare for one without fear?
What is an emergency landing? How can you prepare for one without fear?
During an emergency landing (illustrative photo), flight attendants must follow a certain protocol to best prepare often fearful passengers.

Anthony Kaczmarek Meteored France 06/07/2024 21:00 5 min

The series continues: A new plane was the victim of turbulence on July 1this time between Madrid in Spain and Montevideo in Uruguay, with consequences that could have been even more dramatic.

The worst was avoided thanks to the emergency landing made by the pilot of this Air Europa flight at a Brazilian airport. What does this particular protocol consist of?

Only 10 deaths in 20 million flights!

Flight UX045 was diverted to Natal airport in Brazil after severe turbulence caused injuries (mostly “mild”) about forty people among the 325 passengers, who were taken to hospital due to multiple bruises. No deaths were recorded, further demonstrating the effectiveness of the global aviation system.

In fact, accidents, if they exist, are rare, and fatal accidents are even rarer: can be counted on the fingers of one hand each year. According to an assessment by Airbus, there were 11 fatal accidents in 7 million flights in 1970, compared to just 10 fatal accidents in 20 million flights in the 2000s. The ratio per million flights fell from 1.62% to 0.51%.

2023 is a record year, as of the 32 million flights registered, No fatal accidents have been recorded! A sigh of relief for stressed passengers, but also for all those who are doing their part to build more efficient aircraft, more sophisticated air traffic control systems and better train pilots.

How to prepare for impact?

Back to our turbulence: what happens if flying becomes too dangerous? In this case, the aircraft must prepare for an emergency landing: the flight crew must follow a certain protocol to prepare the passengers, first immediately contacting the air traffic control authorities to report the emergency, the reason for the descent and to ask for help.

Only if the problem is serious will an emergency landing be decided, if possible at the nearest airport. If the person is not of legal age, the theft will continue. The first step in the event of an emergency landing is to notify the passengers, as calmly as possible, but also to start tidying up the cabin.securing everything that might move at the moment of impact.

Shortly afterwards, the on-board staff prepares what is necessary in case of evacuation of the plane: Equipment such as flashlight, megaphone and survival kita. Finally, The pilot or co-pilot addresses passengers to prepare them for impact, with last-minute announcements about oxygen masks or life jackets (necessary in case of landing on water).

Two minutes before impact, the cabin warns passengers of the “imminent” impact. 30 seconds before, the following announcement is broadcast in the cabin: “Tighten up before impact.” Then, Passengers must put themselves in a forced landing position, leaning forward, to absorb the impact. Fortunately, such situations are very rare and almost always successful.


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